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Make Sure You’ve Got Your Gear On Release Day!

Hey everyone,

We have some pretty exciting news to share… are you sitting down? The Rock Band 4 game that you’ll buy on October 6th is pretty much done.* FINISHED. According to Sony and Microsoft, the game is ready to rock. That’s right, we submitted the game and we are good to go… are you excited, or what!?

What that means is that we’re on track to have the game in your hands by October 6th, as planned. We know you’re all eagerly awaiting that glorious day (and so are we!). We want to ensure that everyone who wants to get their hands on Rock Band 4 can. This is your friendly reminder from us that a preorder is the way to ensure you’ve got the game, gear, (and some DLC) in hand on the day we release the game. To that end, we’ve got some very exciting news…

Amazon has just announced a launch day guarantee! Yeah, that’s right – your swanky new copy of Rock Band 4 delivered right to your door on October 6th.

Pre order your gear through Amazon, select two day shipping (it’s FREE!) at checkout and you’ll receive your new stuff on launch day – GUARANTEED! Yes friends, your brand new game and gear, delivered right to you on release day.

Why wait in line, put on pants, or deal with the general public? Pre order the game through one of the following authorized retailers to ensure that you’re able to rock on launch day:



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You can enjoy that totally legit “sick day” you took, reheat some leftover pizza, and enjoy all the new features of Rock Band 4 before any of your pals get home from their daytime gigs.

If the idea of leftover pizza and release date shipping of Rock Band 4 doesn’t have you hopping up in down in place, what are your thoughts on… Achievements and Trophies? Because we’re nice, we just revealed the full Achievement and Trophy list for Rock Band 4 over on our forums if you’re that kind of thing. Don’t worry, no spoilers; we’re not monsters.

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*We will be supporting the game post-launch with continuous updates and new features. So technically the game will never really be done because we’ll keep adding to it.