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October Crew Throwdown

While we'd like to say we planned the Murder of Crows vs. DCI Crew Throwdown to line up with the one year anniversary of Dance Central 3, it was sheer coincidence –or perhaps Dr. Tan planned it this way without us knowing! After tallying the votes, we announce without bias that the winner of the October Crew Throwdown was . . .


Now we're sure Dr. Tan had something to do with this!

(And yes, we know this is the Tan Industries card but as far as we know, Dr. Tan didn't have his robots design a new card for he and Oblio, he just brought Oblio into his already existing Tan Industries.)


Back in the days of Dance Central, no one could have suspected that Dr. Tan and Oblio were in any way connected. Oblio, though a core character for the game, remained largely aloof from the goings-on of the rest of the Dance Central crew. His smooth moves, edgy style, and gentle voice sure seemed to get a lot of fan’s hearts beating! But when the work was done and it came time to party, Oblio preferred solitude and off he rode.

Concept sketch by Matt Perlot. We feature his concept sketches a lot in these blogs!

Ok, so Oblio isn't always a brooding loner. Sometimes he dresses like this and is pretty much the life of the party because hwo could you not be with mismatched nail polish and so much fishnet?

We catch a glimpse of Dr. Tan only at the very end of the game (spoilers!) and all we know is that he’s watching, scheming, and has a pretty great villain cackle.

We did a great Dance Central Sketchbook featuring Oblio (alongside Dare) back in this era. Make sure to check it out here.

Concept art by Shawn Witt.


Oblio was busy outside of the crew campaign during Dance Central 2. Want to know what he was up to? Check out the community initiative we ran last winter where we learned more about the whereabouts of Dare, MacCoy, and Oblio during the days of Dance Central 2. (Hint: it involves spy missions for DCI.) Though the interactive missions are over, you can still check out the results here.

Oblio and Dr. Tan concept art by Shawn Witt.


Dr. Tan comes back with an even bigger, even badder plan, and this time it involves . . . well, time! Dr. Tan is tracking dance fads through the decades and it’s up to you to learn them and stop him. That’s not the only development, though. Dr. Tan has also devised mind control helmets to turn dancers into mindless dancing machines! And even more important for this victory post, we learn that Oblio is Dr. Tan’s son! (It’s okay to audibly gasp! Unless you totally saw that coming from the beginning of the series because you’re just so good.)

Concept art by Jamie McKiernan

Fortunately, despite his brooding, darkly poetic nature, Oblio doesn’t choose to follow in the dark footsteps of his father and ultimate finds the strength to help you foil his own father’s dastardly plan. And the day is saved! Hurray Oblio!

Still, though, we are left with questions. How does Oblio feel about discovering Dr. Tan is his father? Why didn’t Oblio grow up with Dr. Tan? Where is Oblio’s mother? Does Dr. Tan regret that he’s ruined any relationship with his new son by trying to brainwash him?!


We've got a new phone case and two new shirts to let you show off your Tan Industries/Murder of Crow crew pride!

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Below are the songs associated with Oblio or Dr. Tan. Find your inner focus and get dancing!

  • "Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)" -Beastie Boys (DC)

  • "Girls and Boys" -Blur (DLC)

  • "Hella Good" -No Doubt (DC)

  • "Lapdance" -N.E.R.D. (DLC)

  • "Rumb Shaker" -Wreckx-n-Effect (DC)

  • "Satisfaction" -Benny Benassi (DC)

  • "Say Aah" -Trey Songz (DLC)

  • "Tan-Step" -M-Cue (DC3)

  • "Weapon of Chocie" -Fatboy Slim (DLC)

Art by David Nguyen

That wraps up our Crew Throwdown polling series, but don't worry! We know a couple crews didn't get their moment in the spotlight and we'll be sure to give them their own blogpost and merch update. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook where we'll be sure to announce when we're honoring the remaining crews.