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Online Quickplay and Legacy Exports in SIEE

We have some unfortunate news to share with European PlayStation® 4 players about the Online Quickplay patch and legacy export availability.

In regards to the Online Quickplay update, we had every intention of releasing the new patch simultaneously on Xbox and PlayStation® 4 across all regions. We didn’t expect to hit the snags we ran into, and it’s taking us longer to work through these than anticipated. We’re working closely with Sony Europe to close out the remaining issues and get this content in your hands as soon as possible, but at this point it’s looking like this will be releasing in early February rather than January. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a better idea of exactly when to expect this to hit your consoles.

Similarly, on the export front, we’re expecting the Rock Band 2 export to arrive (to players that had previously exported it) in early February as well. We have submitted everything on our end and are waiting for assistance from Sony Europe to push this over the finish line. We expect to have more info on this shortly, which we’ll share with you when available.

We know that SIEE players have experienced more than their fair share of delays with Rock Band, and for that we’re sorry. We’re looking forward to getting you up to speed and will keep you updated when we have more to share.