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PAX East: Rated C for Charity

So PAX East in Boston is just around the corner and we couldn't be more stoked to see you guys! As I’m sure you can tell from our Twitter feeds, the Community team has been pretty busy the past few months getting things in order for our rocking booth. We’ll have all sorts of excellent things going on during PAX – meetups, tweetups, challenges, signings. You name it, we’re doing it. The thing that I’m probably the most excited for (other than the Thrasher challenge of course, plug plug), is our incredibly HUGE raffle drawing!

We’ve teamed up with our local buddy Turbine and our friends at Joystiq to put together a killer series of raffle prizes. Tickets cost one dollar and will give you the chance to win one of twelve (that’s right, twelve) amazing prizes. The best part? Every penny will be going to Child’s Play at the end of the weekend.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the pretty incredible prizes we’ll be raffling off throughout the weekend. You can buy tickets directly from our booth and you’ll also be able to see when we’ll be drawing each prize to make your PAX planning go a little smoother.

Just think, all of this could be yours, for $1:

Raffle Sneak Peek #1: The Helmet of OMGBUTFORWHY?! (donated by Joystiq)

Haven’t you always wanted a football helmet full of games? I know I have – it would really tie my living room together. Well, you have the chance to win such a helmet should you choose to use your tickets to enter this drawing. 


What is the Helmet of OMGBUTFORWHY? It’s a legend, it’s a myth, it’s…well it’s a promotional football helmet from Blitz the League II. And it is full of over 15 games for PS3, 360, Wii, PC, and DS. There’s a slew of Midway titles in there, including Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. You’ll also find a copy of Tabula Rasa (remember that MMO fans?) buried in there. Lots of treasures for you to sort through as you wear your new helmet and ask “But for why?!!”

Raffle Sneak Peek #2: The Lord of the Rings Online Collector’s Edition (donated by Turbine)

Fellow Boston locals Turbine graciously donated not one, not two, but FIVE, yes FIVE, copies of these gorgeous Collector’s Edition titles. And that’s not all – win one of these babies and you’ll also be going home with a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! Didn’t hear me? LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!! Each of these lovely pieces is worth $250. The winner of the first of the five drawings will also receive a pretty awesome Turbine poster from the Joystiq crew.

Raffle Sneak Peek #3: The Wicked Local

Chances are that you, like us, saved all your pennies to go to PAX. Well fear not broke friends – we have got you covered with this package. Whether you’re from out of town or a Boston resident, we’ve got food, entertainment, and transportation covered with this package. You’ll find passes to local events (the lovely folks at Improv Boston and Independent Film Festival of Boston both contributed amazing packages), a loaded Charlie Card, and certificates to local eateries B. Good and Pita Pit. We’ll be raffling this off on Friday evening so that the winner can make use of it right away.

Raffle Sneak Peek #4: A Message of the Day in Rock Band 2

Do I even have to explain this one? There’s only one catch: HMXHellion is going to write whatever she wants and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Raffle Sneak Peek #5: The Harmonix Ultimate Prize Pack

Choose this raffle and you’ll have the chance to win a whole mess of gear from us. We’ve got a Mad Catz Wireless Strat, generously donated by the folks there. And to help you carry that around, we’ve also got a signed guitar bag – plus another signed guitar bag full of stuff: a signed copy of Rock Band 2, a portable drum kit, a bunch of Track Packs, a set of limited edition Bandmates, a shout out on the podcast…and more. Oh, you’ll also win a limited edition Fish McGill RBN shirt. These are currently only available to HMX staff.

Raffle Sneak Peek #6: The Pick a Prize Grab Bag

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of awesomeness before you? Can’t fit a huge prize pack in your luggage? Just like surprises? Then this raffle is for you. Win one of these drawings (we’ll do them all day Saturday and Sunday) and you’ll get to choose something from a HUGE pile of random prizes. We’ve got DS games, new copies of our favorite games, signed copies of "The Guild," and lots of other stuff. Win one, pick one, that’s how this guy works.

Community Pit swag pile

So there you have it – sneak peeks at roughly half of the prizes we’ve got ready to raffle off. And there’s much more! The Community Pit is currently overflowing with swag, prizes, and other excellence to be raffled off. We’re not taking any of this home from the booth – you guys are! Like I said, we’ve got twelve prizes lined up to be raffled off, so bring your dollar bills and get ready to raise some money for an awesome cause.

PAX east runs March 26th - March 28th. For more information,visit You can also scope out the floor map - don't forget to visit the Rock Band Lounge on the first floor!

*raffle tickets cost $1 each – but we’ll give you 6 tickets for $5, 12 for $10 and 25 for $20! The more you buy, the better your chances are of winning, and the more $$ we’ll have for Child’s Play.