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Post PAX Prime 2015

Hey gang,

The team is safely back from the West Coast after a long weekend of playing Rock Band 4 with the PAX Prime community! We’ve took a ton of pictures and made a lot of new friends while we were out in Seattle repping Harmonix and Rock Band 4. We’ve got tons of cool experiences, silly pictures, and impressive performance videos to show you from our time out there!

MCZ and HMX at Amazon Members of Mad Catz and Harmonix playing Rock Band 4 at Amazon, streamed on!

Pope and the Dog Band Pope’s newest and cutest friends at the Amazon stream!

We started our PAX weekend at Amazon headquarters, where members of the Rock Band community were chosen to join us after submitting a video about their passion for Rock Band. Everyone gathered for this livestream to hang out, play Rock Band 4, and ask Harmonix devs questions about the new game. The event was streamed on the PAX Twitch Channel, as well as hosted on the Twitch main page! Rock Band 4 was also featured at the Giant Bomb pre-PAX party that same evening, and a rather ridiculous judging session ensued as the night went on.

Giant Bomb Pre-PAX Party Harmonix and Giant Bomb play Rock Band 4 at the Giant Bomb party!

RB4 PAX Prime Booth The Rock Band 4 booth is ready for action at PAX Prime!

Friday started the first official day of PAX Prime. The team was awake and ready to tackle the amazing crowd of players and their incredible enthusiasm to play Rock Band 4. We got some awesome performances and silly costumes up on stage, plus special guests! Check out some of our Rock Band 4 performers!

Gang Beasts at RB4 PAX Booth Think you have what it takes to rock out with the Gang Beasts? Check them out here!

Start 'em young “Start ‘em young” quotes Harmonix Designer Nord.

Double Fine plays Rock Band 4 The crew from Double Fine rocking out on the Rock Band 4 stage!

Melissa at the Rock Band 4 stage Our Events Manager Melissa getting ready to rock out with our Rock Band 4 wigs and bandana!

Broken TV We rocked SO hard, one of our Rock Band 4 guitars went RIGHT through this monitor! Oops.

Up next was Saturday, our busiest day at the booth. Though we had full lines each and every day, Saturday stood out as our busiest portion of the convention. Check out these pictures of folks who came by to play Rock Band 4 – we even had developers from neighboring booths stop by after the show floor closed to play the game!

Rock Band 4 Swag We had Rock Band 4 signed posters, koozies, buttons, bandanas, and the exclusive Band Overdrive Pinny Arcade pin at our PAX Prime booth this year!

Chicken playing RB4 Don’t be chicken…come play Rock Band 4 with us!

Stage Presence at RB4 booth That’s some serious Stage Presence! ;)

Plumbers play Rock Band 4 Some iconic plumbers stopped by to sing “Uptown Funk” at the Rock Band 4 booth!

Seattle Rock Band Group and HMX at PAX Harmonix devs and members of the Seattle Rock Band Group posed for a picture!

Even The Protomen stopped by the Rock Band 4 stage to perform their song, “Light Up The Night” in the game!

On Sunday, we received a beautiful gift from Eric Jeffrey. We’ve gotten these amazing sculptures for each title we’ve released, and this one was no exception. Thanks for your incredible skill and time making this, Eric!

RB4 Sign and Coasters Our custom handmade Rock Band 4 sign and wooden carved coasters!

Darren Korb at RB4 PAX Darren Korb, Audio Director for Supergiant Games, the composer behind the iconic soundtracks from Bastion and Transistor, and a good friend of Harmonix stopped by the booth to rock out on drums!

As a special surprise, we had Arin Hanson, aka Egoraptor, and other members of the Game Grumps come to the Rock Band 4 stage to perform!

Game Grumps RB4 PAX The Game Grumps play Rock Band 4!

We also had a visit from Mikey Neumann (@mikeyface) of Gearbox, Bobak Ferdowski (@tweetsoutloud) of NASA, and former NFL star Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft). That’s a supergroup if we’ve ever heard of one!

The Supergroup at PAX The supergroup plays Rock Band 4 at PAX!

Monday was the last day of PAX Prime, and the team was getting ready to hit the road back home – but now without a big ROCK ending! After the day’s events concluded, the Harmonix crew was invited out to the Seattle Rock Band Group’s Rock Band after party, where the team got together with some of our most dedicated community members and had an awesome time participating in the Rock Band battle of the bands tournament! It was the perfect way to finish off a busy weekend.

Pope and the PAX crowd Harmonix Product Manager Pope getting the Rock Band 4 crowd hyped!

Seattle Rock Band Group Sign The Seattle Rock Band Group’s “Rock Band Night” Sign! Thanks for the warm welcome!

We had a fantastic and memorable time at PAX Prime this year with Rock Band 4. Thanks to everyone who came out to play the game, chat with us, and get some swag. Until next year, gamers!

Harmonix at the Rock Band after party