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Rock Band 4 at PAX Prime 2015

Hey gamers!

It’s that time again – the sun is out (well, only sometimes in Seattle), the spirits are high, and thousands of people are making their way to the Washington Convention Center next weekend for the annual PAX Prime convention! This year will be a big one for Harmonix, as we’ll be in attendance with Rock Band 4, sharing our super cool Pinny Arcade Pin, streaming events all weekend, and giving away fun prizes for Rock Band players at our booth!

The Rock Band 4 Booth

PAX goers can find Rock Band 4 on the 4th floor of the convention center at Booth #152. We’ll have multiple Rock Band 4 stations for you to play at.

  • Our Rock Band 4 Main Stage will have a full band set-up and a photo booth opportunity for you to take ridiculously silly pictures of you and your friends rocking out!

  • We’ll have another full band set up in our booth for players who want to get the full experience with minimum wait times.

  • To highlight Rock Band 4’s most innovative gameplay feature, Freestyle Guitar Solos, we will have three guitar solo stations available to play at in our booth! Come by and show us your epic shredding skills and get some exclusive swag!

Harmonix's booth at PAX Prime 2015 Come say hello and play Rock Band 4 at Booth #152!

And don’t forget the SWAG! Harmonix is bringing some great goodies to PAX Prime this year, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We have a Pinny Arcade Pin for the expo, which includes the first look at the new in-game “Band Overdrive” Stage Presence icon! How can you score the Band Overdrive Pinny Arcade Pin at the booth? You’ll have to come by and play Rock Band 4!

The Band Overdrive Stage Presence Pinny Arcade Pin for Rock Band 4 The Band Overdrive Pinny Arcade Pin from Rock Band 4!

We’ll be taking pre-orders for Rock Band 4 at our pre-order counter in the booth at PAX. We’ve already got tons of great pre-order incentives and also, if you pre-order the game at our booth, you’ll score some exclusive Rock Band 4 swag! We’ll have more details at the show!

Aside from all of the other awesome things we have going on during next weekend, we also have some special news for our dedicated Rock Band community. We’ll soon be announcing a major program just for you guys, and we’ll have more information to come before PAX begins, so stay tuned.

The Rock Band 4 Band-in-a-Box Bundle for Xbox One Pre-order today to guarantee this Band-in-a-Box Bundle for Rock Band 4!

PAX Prime Events

Before the show even starts, Harmonix will be heading over at Amazon headquarters to showcase Rock Band 4 at the PAX Prime Day Zero Broadcast! Amazon will be streaming the entire event on Thursday starting at 4pm PST. Tune in to Amazon’s Twitch Channel to watch the event, or stream it from our own Harmonix Twitch Channel!

If you’re in town on Monday evening after the last day of PAX, Harmonix will also be attending the Seattle Rock Band Group’s annual PAX Prime Rock Band After Party. This party is designed by the Rock Band community, FOR the Rock Band community! There is no cover and no PAX requirements – if you’re over 21, you can attend. There will be a Battle of the Bands in honor of Rock Band 4’s release, as well as swag, prizes, and song contests! The group will be streaming from the Seattle Rock Band Twitch Channel, or you can watch all of the excitement from our own Harmonix Twitch Channel! Whether you’re in Seattle for the show or rocking out from home, don’t miss out on this awesome event!

The Seattle Rock Band Group The Seattle Rock Band Group!

That’s all the news we’ve got for our plans at PAX Prime. Keep an eye on the Rock Band Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the coming days for another major announcement, and we’ll rock out with you all in Seattle!