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Rock Band 4 - February Update Patch Notes

Hey gang,

Now that the latest Rock Band 4 update is upon us, I’d like to take some time to provide you all with the FULL list of patch notes that are rolling out today. Read below for our list of new content, fixes, and more coming to Rock Band 4 this month:

Design Adjustments

  • PLAY A SHOW mode scores now post to Leaderboard!
  • Now possible to send Taunts from PLAY A SHOW mode

Scoring Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed exploit where drummers could deploy Overdrive twice
  • Fixed exploit where players could artificially increase score by exploiting calibration/breakneck speed
  • Removed exploit known as “Band Overdrive Squeeze,” where players could get a higher score by strategically having a local player fail out to conserve Overdrive Energy

Freestyle Guitar Solo-related Fixes

  • Disabled mid-song Freestyle Guitar Solo toggling (which prevents a bunch of issues, like most of the stuff below)
  • Fixed crash that could occur on songs with both Freestyle Guitar Solos and Big Rock Endings
  • Fixed issue where drum streak would break on several songs with Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • Drum fills now exist during certain song sections when Freestyle Guitar Solos are turned on
  • Fixed tempo issues with certain on-disc songs after the first solo
  • Fixed issue where Freestyle Guitar Solos were not forced on during the Freestyle Guitar Solo tutorial
  • Fixed crash that would occur when switching to an authored solo from the Freestyle Guitar Solo on “Suffragette City”

Audio Adjustments

  • Fixed sing-a-long volumes
  • Fixed the center channel panned instruments (usually bass)
  • Boosted the entire game volume
  • Re-built the output structure for a better surround sound experience
  • “High Score” no longer screams at you on the Song Results screen

New Stuff in the Rock Shop

  • Psychonauts helmet
  • Psychonauts “Whispering Rock” tee
  • SCRUFF baseball hat

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue where filtering to "Nightmare" difficulty songs would jump to "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold (and other similar issues)
  • Fixed crash that occurred from jumping into a song directly from an Activity Feed taunt
  • Fixed crash that occurred when entering Endless Solo Mode if library cursor was previously on a song that didn’t contain a solo
  • Fixed crash that occurred from selecting a locked city in Career Mode
  • Fixed crash that occurred when switching profiles on the “Show Complete” screen
  • Fixes issue where you could send Taunts while in Career mode
  • Fixed camera/animation issues in “Fever”
  • Fixed stupid-looking redundant text in Showcase announcements
  • Fixed issue where some shows called “All Apprentice Songs Set” actually used Moderate tier songs
  • Fixed issue where drummer was “floating” during some animations
  • Fixed issue where the strum bar no longer allowed you to select letters in the Search field
  • Fixed missing green “Continue” icon on “Show Complete” screen in Career mode
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t back out of the “Search” function in the Store
  • Fixed some issues with Activity Feed taunts not updating
  • Fixed missing text in the Freestyle Guitar Solo menu
  • Several localization/translation fixes
  • Overdrive deployment visual effects no longer remain active for entire song if one player fails out while another player has Overdrive deployed

For those who missed our other announcement about the latest update, we will be wiping the Rock Band 4 leaderboards to ensure the exploits and fixes above will officially even the gaming field for all players. To support this leaderboard wipe, the Rock Band 4 servers will have been taken down from around 6am ET, and will stay offline for a decent part of the day, pending server update completion. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on Twitter and Facebook about these updates as they happen.