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Rock Band 4 – June Update Patch Notes

Hey all,

While you’re eagerly awaiting (or already downloading) the latest update for Rock Band 4, check out our full list of Patch Notes coming with this new content.

Practice Mode

  • Practice Mode returns to Rock Band 4 by popular demand.
  • Select specific song sections and nail tricky passages.
  • Read all about the ins and outs of Practice Mode on our blog!

General Bug Fixes

  • Polish, Russian, and Turkish languages are now supported in the in-game store!
  • Adjusted slop window for improved drum hit detection on difficult roll sections.
  • Improved post-song delays, sorting lag, and library latency for users that have played long sessions.
  • Fixed a crash in Brutal Mode that would occasionally appear after the song was failed and the player attempted to restart or return to the Music Library.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an occasional crash at the start of a song.
  • Hitting any cymbals and any pad no longer counts as a kick pedal hit.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the microphone was disconnected while in Vocal Options.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu selection highlight would disappear.
  • Fixed multiple instances of camera, animation, and instrument clipping.
  • Fixed an issue where the month name wasn’t correctly appearing in the Activity Feed (the monthmayshort bug).
  • Fixed an issue where Miko’s eye would move during a loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue where gems appeared to explode in the wrong direction from the now bar.
  • Removed the ability to select non-Brutal Mode options / modifiers when in Brutal Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly appear to be in Setlist Mode when trying to return to the Music Library.
  • Fixed a vocals bug on “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” by Rick Derringer where vocal guidelines weren’t appearing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the help bar would occasionally disappear after performing a search.
  • Fixed an issue where beating a friend’s score wasn’t correctly updating their Activity Feed.
  • Fixed an issue where restarting the song would make the track appear twice.

Stay tuned for all things Rock Band 4 at E3 this week and beyond!