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Rock Band 4 – March Update Patch Notes

Hey everyone,

With March’s update for Rock Band 4 heading your way this week, we’ve got a full list of patch notes for your reading pleasure! Check out what’s coming to Rock Band 4 this month below:

Career Mode

  • Career Mode scores now post to Leaderboards
  • Downloadable content is now playable in all paths of the Career

Scoring Fixes

  • Removed drum exploit where you could get extra points by repeatedly hitting the note at the end of a drum fill
  • We will be wiping the Drum, Pro Drum, and Band leaderboards when the update is available. More info here!

New Rock Shop Items

  • 5 new hair options:
    • Ponied Up
    • Shag Doll
    • Liberty Spikes
    • Fanned Mohawk
    • Frizzy Stardust
  • 5 new hat options:
    • Snow Business beanie
    • Cold Soldier
    • Cold Comfort Hat
    • Viking Helmet
    • Sport-Related Head Protector

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with “Somebody Told Me” had missing notes when receiving Overdrive on the final unison phrase
  • Fixed issue where Player Stats display white square or yellow box instead of percentage symbol
  • Fixed issue with full streak Stage Presence only occurring once per show in Campaign, now making it possible to get the “Locked In” achievement / trophy
  • Dropping out and back in during a Freestyle Guitar Solo causes the Performance stats to give incorrect values
  • Fixed issue where Freestyle Guitar Solo toggle option was grayed out during solos
  • Fixed issue where achieving a streak and dropping out during an Freestyle Guitar Solo caused the streak meter to not increment during the solo
  • Fixed issue where Longest Streak was incorrect if player did not break streak before entering Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • Notes at the end of “Big Rock Endings” are now counted toward the Longest Streak stat
  • Fixed issue where the Options menu in the Overshell would darken when selecting Breakneck Speed
  • Fixed a camera cut where the guitarist would go through the camera
  • Fixed an animation issue where the vocalist would walk out past the front of the stage
  • Fixed issue where the audio for Dynamic Drum Fills was playing even when a Dynamic Fill was not present after the first successful Overdrive deploy
  • Fixed issue with the Activity Feed for folks who have more than 30 friends
  • Fixed issue where the same song could be suggested twice when selecting an Encore
  • Random band name generator can no longer create a duplicate name of a previously created band
  • Encore requests are now correctly factoring out non-applicable Stage Presence awards for Solo Harmonies or Vocal Freestyle for Easy/Medium Vocals
  • Fixed issue where “Band Hub” music was persisting after returning to the Main Menu
  • Encores now give bonuses in Career Mode
  • Personal account preferences will now save when Xbox One is powered down, including:
    • Freestyle Guitar Solo toggle state
    • Dynamic Drum Fill toggle state
    • Breakneck Speed preference
    • Awesomeness Detection preference
  • Band Multiplier will no longer briefly appear as 1x before disappearing
  • Fixed issue that causes stand-in character to appear in Career if you dropped in/out during a show
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t back out of narrative Tour Choice screens
  • Score thresholds for star ratings now adjust when switching difficulty mid-song in Career Mode
  • Fixed incorrect audio effect prompt after quitting the song “I Will Follow” during the first show of the Career

Rock Band 4 Snow Business Beanie and Cold Comfort Hat

Alongside the March update, we will be wiping the Drum, Pro Drum, and Band leaderboards to maintain score integrity for everyone, and to ensure no inflated or exploited scores remain on the official leaderboards. More information on this can be found on the Rock Band subreddit. As mentioned before, we have confirmed that Setlists will be coming to Rock Band 4 next month with our April update! We’ll have more information on Setlists closer to April. Stay up to date on Twitter and Facebook for more news and information!

Rock Band 4 Setlist Gif