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Rock Band 4 - Marketplace Updates

Hey gang!

We’ve got great news on updates to the Rock Band 4 game and Music Store. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, we have more information coming your way!

Xbox One – Legacy Rock Band DLC Bundles (Packs)

Some of our players have been experiencing issue with our legacy Rock Band DLC bundles (or packs from the legacy Rock Band era) where they were not entitled to download the bundle itself. This has now been fixed on Xbox One! Here’s how it will affect different users:

  • If you previously purchased any bundle from legacy Rock Band titles and already re-downloaded the singles within that bundle to Rock Band 4, nothing changes! You are entitled to all singles you have already re-downloaded.
  • If you previously purchased any bundle from legacy Rock Band titles but have not yet re-downloaded that content, you are now able to locate the bundle name and re-download the entire bundle in one simplified process (provided that content has been made available as a bundle)!

As a reminder, if you see any bundles that you have previously (or recently) purchased showing up with a price and prompting you to re-purchase the content, don’t re-purchase! We are continuing to work with Microsoft to make all bundle content available and priced correctly.

For those legacy Rock Band bundles that are not currently available on Xbox One, this can be due to a number of reasons, including expired content within a given bundle or expiration of limited time offers. We continue to establish entitlements for owners of those packs to the available singles on Xbox One – thanks for your patience!


PLEASE NOTE: The following information pertains to SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), and may not solve issues associated with SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe).

PlayStation 4 – “No Content Found” DLC (SCEA)

Some users have attempted to download DLC from the in-game Rock Band 4 Music Store. Upon purchase, some have encountered an error screen that says “No Content Found”. We have a temporary workaround while we continue to work on a solution to this issue.

Once you arrive on the “No Content Found” screen:

  1. Press the PS button on the controller to constrain Rock Band 4
  2. Press the PS button on the controller to resume Rock Band 4
  3. Wait for My Downloads (the screen that said “No Content Found”) to refresh
  4. Scroll through the listed content until you see the song you want to download
  5. Click the down arrow next to the song to start the download!

PlayStation 4 – Rock Band 4 DLC Not Visible In-Game (SCEA)

We've come to the conclusion that this may not be an entitlement issue, but rather a content delivery issue. If you recently attempted to re-download your legacy Rock Band DLC via the in-game Rock Band 4 Music Store OR the PlayStation Network store, you may not see some of this content in-game. We have a temporary workaround while we continue to work on a solution to this issue.

Here’s what you can do to get some of your legacy Rock Band DLC in Rock Band 4:

  1. Quit Rock Band 4
  2. From the PlayStation 4 Main Menu, scroll to the right and select Library
  3. Select Games
  4. Select Rock Band 4
  5. Scroll down and select "My Add-Ons"
  6. From here, you will see all DLC products associated with your account that are installed. They are indicated with the word “Installed”. Those that were installed but are not visible will NOT display this word.
  7. Select the down arrow (the install icon on the PlayStation 4) and the content should install. The PlayStation 4 will then notify you that the content has been installed and indicate this with the word “Installed” next to the product.
  8. Back out to the PlayStation 4 Main Menu
  9. Startup Rock Band 4 again
  10. This content should now be visible in your Rock Band 4 library!

If you receive an error message while attempting to install these products, you must first restore your licenses to proceed.

To navigate to this option:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select the PlayStation Network Store
  3. Select Restore Licenses
  4. Hit OK!

Once complete, check back to your download queue. Re-install the affected content by selecting the content again and this should solve the issue. Make sure you re-install through your Downloads (navigate to Notifications, then select Downloads) and NOT your “My Add-Ons” section to make sure your console recognizes this content!

Please note that this workaround may not resolve this issue for all legacy Rock Band products. If you continue to experience issues with viewing your legacy Rock Band DLC in-game, please let us know what specific products (Song / Pack Name and Artist) continue to be affected. All of this information is incredibly helpful as we continue to work with first-party to solve this issue!

PlayStation 4 – Queen Pack 01 and Rock Band Blitz (SCEA)

The Queen Pack 01 is believed to be fixed! This means that for those of you who are attempting to purchase or re-download this pack, it is now available to you once you restore your license to the product.

From your PlayStation 4 Main Menu:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select PlayStation Network Store
  3. Select Restore Licenses
  4. Hit OK!

You should then see the Queen Pack 01 product in the in-game Rock Band Music Store and can download this content as intended!

The Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack is also believed to be fixed at this time. For users that bought the full game of Rock Band Blitz on PlayStation 3, you should now be able to download this content in Rock Band 4. Here’s how you can re-download Rock Band Blitz:

  1. On your PlayStation 4, navigate to the PlayStation Network Store
  2. Search for 'Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack'
  3. The pack should appear in your search without a price and prompt you to "Install" the content. Pressing that Install button will now give you eligibility to re-download the individual songs within the Rock Band Blitz soundtrack from the store (first-party or in-game).
  4. Once completed, these songs will be ready to play in Rock Band 4!

This Week’s DLC Announcement

A quick heads up to folks that the next Rock Band 4 DLC announcement is coming Tuesday, November 3rd (tomorrow) this week! Stay tuned for more great hits heading to Rock Band 4!


As always, thank you for your feedback, patience, and engagement with Harmonix and Rock Band 4. Keep updated with the latest Rock Band 4 news on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and explore helpful answers to questions about Rock Band 4 on our support page. We can’t wait to get more features and updates out to you all. More news to come soon!