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Rock Band 4 – May Update Patch Notes

Hey gang,

Our May Update is here! While you’re all downloading the latest goodies to your consoles, take a look through the latest patch notes that we have available.

New Rock Shop Items

  • 2 new playable characters from Battleborn® available in the Rock Shop!
    • Thorn
    • Miko

Double Kick Drum Pedal Support

  • ‘nuff said.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to Drum Fills and the slop window
  • Fixed an issue where the arm of the bassist goes right through their own body
  • Fixed freezing of a vocalist animation during an instrumental part of a song
  • Fixed a game crash going into the Big Rock Ending on "Warriors of Time" on Expert Guitar
  • Fixed sound FX issues with the Add/Remove sound while in Setlists
  • Fixed issue with the background music slider in the Options Menu
  • Reduced the volume of shouting audio on the “Take Requests” screen
  • Fixed a game crash when loading a saved Setlist
  • Fixed camera issue on vocalist’s face
  • Fixed a game crash before the Big Rock Ending in "Heroes" as made famous by David Bowie
  • Fixed an issue where scores disappear when pausing and resuming quickly in the middle of a drums Big Rock Ending

We’ve got tons of exciting new things in store for Rock Band 4 this year – be sure to check out our latest recap from the PAX East panel!