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Rock Band Hotfix Now Downloadable!

Hey folx!

Just in time for the weekend, we've got a hotfix out for all Rock Band 4 players to address some issues we saw crop up in the last week. Thanks to everyone who helped us nail down these issues by submitting information to, which helped us get this out quickly. Here's the rundown of the fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where simultaneous button presses on guitar/bass weren't being registered in specific, chorded note progressions
  • Fixed an issue where drumkits were occasionally not registering rapid kicks
  • Reworked the Lefty Pro Drums fix to more specifically target the poor behavior
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the song time display
  • Fixed a display issue where your Challenge Results notification would display the wrong icon (visual only)
  • Cleaned up the in-song Harmonies pause menu


Download it, let us know how it goes this weekend, and don't forget to hit up if you ever run into any issues. Thanks, and enjoy the weekend!