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Rock Band Rivals and the Xfinity Series Zippo 200 at The Glen

Now that’s a hunk of words that don’t make much sense together, right? Wrong! Professional race car driver, Erik Jones, will be driving in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Zippo 200 at The Glen, and we're a featured sponsor of his car! The cool part is that Erik will be racing in a Rock Band Rivals branded stock car, showing off his competitive flair. Some Harmonix folks will be down on the track with him before the race to ask a few questions and get him pumped for the competition. Think he can win? With the Rivals spirit, we certainly do!

The Rock Band Rivals stock car wrapping

For those of you tuning in to the event, we have a special incentive to root for the winning team (spoilers: it’s ours). If our racer, Erik Jones, finishes the race within the top 5, we’ll announce all of August’s DLC early. That’s right, all of it. The submissions won’t change, and the tracks will still come out on the weeks they’re scheduled, but you’ll get to know all of the DLC heading your way in the first week of the month!

Think Erik can win? Want to root for him? Tune in to CNBC on August 6th for the exciting showdown!