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Rock Band Rivals Launch Sale: 30% Off Select DLC Packs from October 18 - 24

Hey everyone,

Rock Band Rivals is just one day away from launching! We’ve got some DLC packs on sale during this week so you, too, can get in on the action and be ready to shred. Whether these songs are part of your band’s story in Rockudrama, or helping you rack up that sweet Crew XP in Rivals Mode, these are sure to be an awesome addition to any library. We’re stoked that Rivals is almost-officially here, so let’s get this party started!

Rock Band Rivals Launch Sale

10/18 – 10/24, PlayStation®4, America (SIEA) and Xbox One

In addition to the 60+ songs on the Rock Band 4 disc set list, start your Rock Band music collection off right with a selection of song bundles, on sale for a limited time during the launch week of Rock Band Rivals.

30% Off the following DLC Packs:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival Pack 01
    • Was $19.99, on sale next week for $13.99
  • Foo Fighters Pack 03
    • Was $6.99, on sale next week for $4.89
  • My Chemical Romance Pack 01
    • Was $5.49, on sale next week for $3.84

We’re hosting a Rock Band Rivals Virtual Launch Party tonight, starting at 5pm ET. Join us for huge Rock Band Rivals giveaways, plus a bunch of other fun stuff like live music, competitions, and watching someone get pied in the face. Details are in our blog – be there at!

Rivals Twitch Launch Party