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Rock Band Rivals Update Out Today!

Hey everyone! We’ve got a small update going out with a few quick fixes and touch-ups.

This update addresses a handful of bugs that have been reported, as well as a few things we found on our own, so be sure to download it ASAP and get back to playing online.

  • Session Browser now displays total number of active Sessions
  • Properly displays Session pages past the second
  • Pressing ‘Next Page’ when browsing Sessions now brings you to the top of the following page
  • Emotes now usable on Song Results screen
  • Fixed error where swapping difficulties during a song happened before confirming the change
  • Further lane adjustments

We also solved some issues through server adjustments in prior weeks, including:

  • Prevented a crash when drummers joined songs during Big Rock Endings
  • Setlists now clear played songs when returning to the Music Library
  • Prevented crashing when players joined songs during Overdrive usage

We are aware of and continuing to look into the issue where PlayStation®4 owners see Sessions as always having 89 songs in common. Thanks for playing the new online, and thank you for continuing to report issues through our support line at