Back to Blog Content Has Moved

Hi everyone!

The Web Team continues our adventure of rolling all our games under the umbrella site, this week archiving We started this back in January when we migrated the Rock Band and Dance Central forums to one big Harmonix forum, and continued it with the archiving of last month.

This means if you go to now, you’ll be redirected to the game page for Rock Band on If you try to visit the blog on, you’ll be redirected to the Rock Band category in the Harmonix blog. Due to the HUGE number of blog posts on the site and limited resources on the team we’ve only moved over a small subset of the blog posts. Our song library has also moved over, however in a more streamlined way as a searchable, sortable, filterable list.

Thanks for your patience as we’ve continued moving content over to the Harmonix site. We have a neat new feature with today’s update – blog comments! If you’re a member of the Harmonix Forums, you can now leave a comment on blog posts on Better yet, that comment will trigger a new thread to show up in the forums, so people can discuss the information in the forum thread and on the blog post. Try it out and let us know what you think!

-HMXchristine, HMXabby, HMXCarlone, & HMXHenry