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Rock Band VR Coming Early 2017, Gameplay Revealed

Hey rockers,

We’ve got some news to share about Rock Band VR! Check out our latest video for this Oculus-exclusive title below!

Here’s an early look at Rock Band VR!

Learn More About Rock Band VR

Rock Band VR will officially be available on the Oculus Store in early 2017! In addition to classic Rock Band gameplay, Rock Band VR introduces a whole new way to play. In the new Performance Mode, you’re taken directly into the action of an up and coming band full of personable and wacky musicians, setting off together to play their first gig. Think of traditional Rock Band as a band recording an album in a studio - it's about achieving perfection, nailing the perfect take. Rock Band VR is more about the spontaneous energy of live performance – you are still scored, but have the freedom to make the experience your own. With a stellar team of edgy musicians by your side, there’s plenty to do and plenty of faces to melt.

How the game is played differs from the Rock Band that you’re used to. Basic points are earned by strumming in time to the music, but you can also increase your score by choosing among different chords and stringing them together to form combos. Plus, by incorporating rock performance elements like playing behind your back or head banging, your score (and audience interaction) will soar! Whether you're playing along to your favorite song or chasing that high score, Rock Band VR is guaranteed to be an immersive and exciting experience for any aspiring virtual reality rocker.

We’re super excited that Rock Band VR’s release is right around the corner. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on Rock Band VR at See you in the New Year!