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Rock Band VR Patch 1.01 Released, Including 360 Guitar Controller Support!

Hey everyone!

Rock Band VR has been out for just shy of TWO WEEKS already, and boy, does time fly. The team's been hard on work on a patch for the game, adding a few things, fixing a few others. Check out below what's new and improved(360 guitar controller support!), and enjoy!


Support for Wireless Xbox 360 Stratocaster Guitars when using .
Localized option now available for French, German, and Spanish.
Game now handles computer returning from Sleep-mode more gracefully.


Changing between sets of Frets now correctly count toward Chord Combos and Chord Follows.
Combos performed during Solo sections are registered for the 'Axe-plorer' and 'No Rock Unturned' Achievements.
Minor authoring adjustments for Silence sections in Won't Get Fooled Again, Solo sections in Hangar 18, and Riff sections in Man In The Box.
Player is now properly penalized for missed Chord Follow attempts in the first section of a song and during peak state.
Additional overdrive opportunities added to a small handful of songs.


Mix improvements in Iron Ore Haus, Human Outpost and The Heliograph venues.
Wes now has something to say after completing the “First Album Release” show.

Art & UI:

Derek's mom no longer comes to all of your non-Story shows.
Animation blending mitigated on a certain, unnamed crowd member.
Fixed cases where Band Hit and Perfect Section awards could collide with one another, if completed at the same time.
Combos Created 'Key Stat' now tracked properly across all songs in a set.
Strumming open chords now produce consistent visuals on Song Map.
Successful Band Hit visuals more accurately shown on Song Map when sustaining a chord shape.
Resolved issue where Alien Head and corresponding pedal would sometimes become sentient.