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Game Industry Rumble at PAX 2014

PAX is just over a week away. Harmonix will be there showing off a number of a few different games, including a surprise or two, and we’ll have the usual assortment of swag and community hang outs, but we’ll be talking about all that stuff a little closer to the show.

Right now we’re talking about the dumbest thing that I do at PAX: the Game Industry Rumble. For those of you out of the loop, the Game Industry Rumble is a panel where we assemble 30 of our favorite people to play out a Royal Rumble on a Nintendo 64-era wrestling game for your enjoyment.

Click here to check out the full panel description.

The folks we tricked – er, I mean, are lucky to have participating in the Rumble represent a veritable who’s who of game devs, press, PR, and Excellent People in the larger gaming community, including folks from the worlds of comedy and comics. They are the heart of this shindig and we are lucky to have them for this ridiculous show. Here is the line up for the PAX 2014 Game Industry Rumble:

  • Abbie Heppe - Respawn
  • Alex Rubens - Red Bull
  • Alexa Ray Corriea - Polygon
  • Bobby Loertscher - Zen Studios
  • Brad Muir - Double Fine
  • Casey Lynch - Midnight City
  • Charlie Chu - Oni Press
  • Dan Ryckert - Giant Bomb
  • Dave Lang - Iron Galaxy
  • David Ellis - 343 Industries
  • Eric Baudour - Mega64
  • Eric Neustadter - Microsoft
  • Greg Millar - IGN
  • Jeff Gerstmann - Giant Bomb
  • John Drake - Sony
  • John Vignocchi - Disney Games
  • Jon Carnage -
  • Kate Welch - ArenaNet
  • Maya Kramer - The Great White North
  • Megan Scavio - GDC
  • Mitch Dyer - IGN
  • Pat Baer - UCB Theatre
  • Samantha Kalman - Timbre Interactive
  • Samit Sarkar - Polygon
  • Shawn Allen - Nuchallenger
  • Stepto - Microsoft
  • Tina Amini - Kotaku
  • Trin Garritano - Cards Against Humanity
  • Will Smith - Tested
  • Zoe Quinn - Cyborgs

I will be there with Eric Pope providing color commentary, and when the dust clears and we have a clear victor they will face Alex Navarro of Giant Bomb (winner of the PAX East 2014 Game Industry Rumble) to determine who will be the undisputed champion.

So if you’ll be at PAX be sure to mark Sunday 8/31 on your calendar from 10 – 11:30am, bring a sign, and get ready to yell like a maniac. As with an actual wrestling event, this is totally unscripted and we have no idea exactly what will happen, but a good time is all but guaranteed. This whole mess will be livestreamed on, so even if you’re not able to attend PAX you’ll be able to bask in the warm glow of people beating each other up.

Extra special thanks to Jack Mantykiewicz (@itsHumanity on Twitter) for the killer poster art featured below! You can see more of his work at

PAX Prime 2014 Rumble Panel