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Season 12 Kicks Off On July 4th!

Hey gang,

Season 12 is right around the corner, starting on July 4th! This Season will take us right through the center of (northern hemisphere) summer, which is the perfect excuse to stay inside and play Rock Band Rivals.

As an invitation to those of you haven’t yet upgraded to Rivals, players will be able to play Rivals features (and some songs) for free during the first week of the Season, from July 03-10. That’ll let you join a Crew and participate in Week 1. Discover the feeling of the push-and-pull in a Rivals week, then celebrate a potential promotion with your new Crew. If you’re interested in upgrading after that, stay tuned for upcoming sales.

For Season 12, we’re profiling the broad taste of the Harmonix staff with each week putting a different person’s taste on full display. We’ve got folks from all over the company participating – they are choosing the spotlights as well as the full Challenge selection and it’s been a fun reminder of how different peoples’ taste can be. It will be fun to see what weeks resonate most with which players. We can’t wait to get started!

For Season 12, your rewards will be colorful wings. As you climb the tiers, you’ll get increasingly expressive wings made out of each tier’s material and gemstone. From Bronze crystals jutting out of your spine to body-sized Bloodstones floating in position, no one will be confused as to how great you were during Season 12. You’ll get the wings associated with every tier you were in during the Season, so the higher you climb, the more you earn. You’ve still got a bit of time to prep your Crew, so be sure you’re all set to start the Season off on the right foot.

We also continue to poll our Companion App users, incorporating their feedback in everything from Season structure and quantity, to future rewards and even DLC releasing in Season 12! Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far, and to those who haven’t, you can still download the Rock Band Companion App to get in on the list. We’ve sent out several surveys so far, but there are more to come, so it’s never too late.

We hope everyone had a good few break weeks, the new Season is right around the corner. We’re excited to show off our tastes and wish you luck in your Seasonal climb!

Yours in Rock,
The Rock Band team