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Season 16 of Rock Band 4 Rivals starts this week!

Hi Gang,

Rock Band Rivals is starting up again after a 2-week break. March 19th signals go time – time to get fresh batteries, rally your crew and dive back in.  In honor of our recent announcement of FUSER, we are theming the 16th Rivals Season on a set of make-believe music festivals.  It’s a fun opportunity to let Rock Band Rivals transport you to a different time and space, to revel in the rock star fantasy and focus on a diverse set of challenge songs week over week.

If you missed the announcement, FUSER is an all-new game where you play as a DJ at a music festival, mixing elements of different songs together to make a custom mix.  We had a great time at PAX East where we had demos on the floor.  I strongly recommend you take a look – FUSER tickles a very different part of the brain from Rock Band.  Follow us on social if you want more detail.




Even as we are super excited for FUSER, our commitment to the Rock Band 4 community remains unbowed.  We have great stuff coming to RB4 this year, including a full year of DLC and Rivals support, including some wild outfit rewards.

We will kick the season off with a fun challenge we’re calling “Rock Band 4 Fest” – it is a virtual showcase-style show; an invitation to experience music that makes Rock Band 4 and Rivals what it is today.  The spotlight will feature some up-and-comers that we love and the challenge will feature the full collection of free Rivals songs as well as the core RB4 soundtrack.   One of our favorite things about Rock Band is how we can use the platform to shine a light on bands that are trying to make it – we’ve released a lot of great free playable tracks over the years and this first challenge will give you an opportunity to discover it all again.

Our rewards for this season feature the first in a series of outrageous alien outfits. 

Lastly, this season we wanted to try something new as an experiment.  Based on the popularity of the season pass concept, we are introducing a 2nd bundle along with the traditional season pass.

The new bundle is called “Spotlight Pass Plus.”  In addition to the songs in the Spotlight Pass, it includes *all* of the new DLC that will be released over the course of Season 16, regardless of whether it’s in the spotlight or not.  It’s a bigger bundle and comes with a higher savings. 

Both bundles will be available on Thursday March 19th when the season starts.

It’s our great pleasure to introduce the 16th Rivals Season – we hope you enjoy it!

Yours in Rock,

The Rock Band Team