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September Crew Throwdown

Each month we’ll host a Crew Throwdown on Facebook where YOU get to vote for which crew you want to see highlighted next!

This month’s Crew Throwdown featured two crews with super dedicated followings. And, as expected, it was a close one! But one team managed to pull just a little ahead, and so in the Crew Throwdown between Glitterati and Murder of Crows, the winner as voted on Facebook is...

The presence of the Glitterati in the Dance Central franchise is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty –just like Jaryn and Kerith want! But while we may know less about them than any other crew in the Dance Central universe, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a stroll through their history and admire that attitude and style from afar.


No one knows what the Glitterati are up to at this point. Probably something sinister.


The Glitterati have come from who knows where and are suddenly making a name for themselves in Dance Central. As you begin earning the respect of other crews, you find out that the Glitterati are considered the crew to beat, the best there is, though no one particularly likes them. You can decide for yourself if the other crews are right that they’re fake and dance snobs, or if this is just jealousy talking ... but if you voted for the Glitterati in the Crew Throwdown, chances are you’re in awe of their snappy style, fierce moves, and cruel taunts.

Sure, they can be mean. But let’s face it - you don’t get to be the top competitive dance crew by baking cookies and kissing puppies. You get there by taking names and kicking butts – unless the other person is inferior to you and then who cares what their name is.

Also, let’s reiterate: fierce dance moves and fiercer outfits.


Jaryn and Kerith appear to slip back into the shadows in Dance Central 3. They didn’t join up with DCI to learn dance crazes from the past, and they also aren’t working with Dr. Tan to mind-control people –how juvenile! From what we know of the Glitterati, though, just because they aren’t in our face with their activities doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware ... and worried ...


Let’s face it, a lot of Glitterati fashion isn’t exactly something you’d wear in your day-to-day life. But that doesn’t mean we can’t inject a little Glitterati style into an outfit, say by throwing in a simple but elegant crew shirt. Also note that ‘Glitterati’ is printed - how else - glittery.

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You know what to do! Glitterati Crew doesn't have a ton of songs to call their own, so for an added challenge see if you can 5 Star all the songs on your difficulty of choice or even, dare we say it, gold star?

  • "Bad Romance" -Lady Gaga (DC2)

  • "Body to Body" -Electric Valentine (DC2)

  • "Born This Way" -Lady Gage (DC2)

  • "Commander" -Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta(DC2)

  • "Like a G6" -Far East Movement (DC2)

  • "Marry the Night" -Lady Gaga (DLC)

  • "Meddle" -Little Boots (DC2)

  • "Oops (Oh My)" -Tweet ft. Missy Elliot (DC2)

  • "Satellite" -Lena (DC2)

  • "S&M" -Rihanna (DLC)

  • "Sandstorm" -Darude (DC2)

  • "Toxic" -(Cover Version) (DC2)

That’s all for this month! Make sure to keep an eye on the Dance Central Facebook for the next Crew Throwdown!