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Sony Europe - The Latest on Legacy Entitlements

Hey friends,

As many of you are aware, it’s taken us much longer than we expected to bring DLC entitlements to our European PlayStation®4 players on a handful of products, most notably some of the disc and track pack exports, including Rock Band 2.

We won’t bore you with all the technical challenges involved in carrying forward ownership entitlements across different console generations, but it goes without saying those challenges have been substantial.

We’re continuing to work with the teams at SIEE to iron out any issues we encounter, as well as the submission of the content. We also wanted to give everyone a rough schedule so you know when to expect each outstanding pack and export.

  • Rock Band 2: January 2017
  • AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack: February 2017
  • Lego Rock Band: March 2017
  • Green Day: Rock Band: April 2017
  • Rock Band Blitz: April 2017
  • Rock Band 2 - 20 Free Songs: May 2017
  • Rock Band™ Track Pack Vol. 2: May 2017

Thanks again for your long and continued support.