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Special DLC Release on 7/18: Legitimate Front!

From time to time, Harmonix appeals to the Rock Band audience to help us support a worthy cause. This week, we’d like to highlight an amazing organization called Defy Ventures. Defy provides entrepreneurship, employment and character development training to currently and formerly incarcerated men, women and youth, giving them the tools they need to remake their lives. Defy’s work is both desperately needed and highly effective: The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and the 5-year rate of recidivism (re-incarceration) from state prisons is over 75%. Defy Ventures graduates, by contrast, have a recidivism rate of just 3.2%. This is astounding.

For a closer look, I encourage you to read this blog post by famed venture capitalist (and Harmonix investor) Brad Feld of Foundry Group, an account of the day he spent visiting California State Prison with the Defy team. It’s powerful stuff.

To help support Defy’s life-changing work, Harmonix has teamed up with the band Legitimate Front, founded by two of Brad’s partners at Foundry Group, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson. We’re releasing the band’s song, “She”, as Rock Band DLC this week for a price of just $0.99. All of the proceeds from sales of this track (100% of both Harmonix’s and the band’s shares) will be donated to Defy Ventures.

Please consider picking up this track. It’s just a buck, it has wailing guitar solos and funky basslines, and you will be helping an organization that is doing noble and beautiful work!

Yours in rock,

A funk song, “She” is fun for everyone, with otherwise unconventional playing styles front-and-center. The guitar has an interesting rhythmic pattern, keeping you on your toes throughout. Solos will put your fret movement to the test while the rest of the song checks your strumming ability. Bass is arguably the highlight of the song, being a standout instrument in the funk genre. It’s even rated as the hardest part, with HOPO runs along the full neck throughout!

"She" can be purchased individually for $0.99.

  • Legitimate Front - "She"

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 7/18: Legitimate Front!

We’ll be showing off this week’s newest DLC on our Twitch stream Wednesday starting at 5PM ET. Tune in here!

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* Please note that "She" will be available for purchase on Tuesday, July 18th.