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Special Rivals DLC Release! Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack!

If there’s one word to describe Southern California, it’s “diversity” - from the swells of the Pacific Ocean to the Inland Empire’s snow-capped mountains, the sprawling layout of Los Angeles and its outer regions have given birth to some of the most eclectic and important musicians and genres in rock & roll history. This musical diversity can be felt simply by taking a drive down Sunset Blvd. Heading east from the beach, you’ll pass legendary West Hollywood clubs such as The Whiskey, Roxy & Viper Room – venues where hard rockers honed their chops. Further down the Strip you’ll hit the Hollywood club scene perfect for late night soirées and celebrity encounters. Towards the east end of Sunset you’ll arrive in Echo Park – home to clubs like The Echo that feature a variety of up-and-coming acts.

For the past 40 years, one station has proved to be the beacon for the Los Angeles music scene: KROQ. Over the years KROQ has championed local and global bands, never shying away from risk-taking and always putting the music first. From the burgeoning ‘70s punk scene to new wave; grunge to alternative, ska and electronica, the diversity of KROQ’s music programming has been ear-opening for generations of listeners.

The KROQ Locals Only show which airs Sunday nights is the place to hear up-and-coming music from some of the Southland’s most promising new acts along with hits from the area’s most successful artists.

To that end, we’re featuring several artists from Locals Only this week, as five playable songs come exclusively to Rock Band Rivals owners for FREE, beginning on January 9th.

Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack

  • Assuming We Survive – “Open Water”
  • HUNNY – “Shy”
  • In The Valley Below – “Bloodhands (Oh My Fever)”
  • Nightmare Air – “Who’s Your Lover”
  • No Small Children – “Radio”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 Special Rivals DLC Release! Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack!

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* Please note that these DLC tracks will be available on Tuesday, January 9th.