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Start a Band, Rock the World, Get Married! The true love story of Ryan and Laura

We knew all along that Rock Band was about more than having fun thrashing around with plastic guitars. No, our game is all about passion, togetherness, and true love!

So it warmed our to hear the story of Laura and Ryan—the couple who not only met playing Rock Band online, but recently got engaged during a Rock Band night at the Village Pourhouse in NYC. And it might never have happened if Ryan Clementz, who was going stir-crazy trying to master the solo of “Green Grass & High Tides”, hadn’t gone online to find some new bandmates. There he met Laura Ramkissoon, and romance blossomed as they got to know each other between songs. Little did he know that Laura was a member of reigning leader-board champs Die! In a Fire, already a celeb in our book.

Did it stop them that he lived in Arizona and she was in NYC? Not a bit. Their cross-country courtship reached its peak last month, when he popped the question after a rousing live rendition of “You Got It”—mere days after the Roy Orbison package hit as DLC!  The proposal made the Internet rounds—she did of course accept—and they’re now working on wedding plans, assuring us that Rock Band will figure into their wedding as well.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we tracked down the happy couple—both now based in NYC—for this chat. 


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