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The Harmonix Video Vault + Other Panels at PAX East

Hey gang,

As you may have heard, Harmonix is bringing tons of fun to PAX East this year. We’ve already got a super cool party at the Hard Rock in the works, gettin’ down with Boston-based band Tigerman WOAH, demoing some unreleased games, and giving away some pretty cool prizes. Today, we’re here to tell you about all of our panels happening throughout PAX East weekend!

The Harmonix Video Vault: Old & New Tales from the Archives

Are you a behind-the-scenes junkie? We’ve rummaged through the cutting room floor, to the deep corners where only the most forgotten videos have been found, and are putting them on display at PAX for the first time. We’ve got trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, outtakes, general goofs…the list goes on! We’re laying it all out in this exclusive, unique panel. If you’re a fan of Harmonix, interested in what never was nor will be, or are just in it for the laughs, we’ve got the panel for you.

The Harmonix Video Vault panel will be happening on Saturday, March 11th at 8pm in the Condor Theatre (the same room as last year’s Rock Band panel). Mark your calendars, because this is the only place and time you’ll ever be able to see this unreleased content!

Our panel’s moderator is Josh Harrison, Community Lead, and will feature a mix of folks who have stood the test of time here at Harmonix. Helen McWilliams, our recently promoted Senior VP of Creative, will be there to weave some tales and hurt your stomach with all the laughs. Drew Olsen, audio wizard extraordinaire, has some musical tales to tell. Matt Perlot, an artist at Harmonix, will bring tons of perspective on the art process and past works. Resident Marketing Manager Mastermind, Rebecca Potter, brings a deep knowledge of just how many things were left on the table, and never saw the light of day. To wrap up our speakers, Harmonix artist and veteran Ryan Lesser can tell you almost anything you need to know about Harmonix’s history. He’s, ya know, one of the creatives behind the first Rock Band; he’ll be chock full of stories for this panel.

Harmonix Folks at PAX East Panels

Some other artists, testers, and engineers from Harmonix will also be speaking on other panels during the PAX weekend. Add these other panels to your calendars for optimal Harmonix tidbits and treasures!

Painting Pixels: The Art of the Minecraft Resource Pack

  • Harmonix Panelist: Jamie McKiernan, Art Lead
  • Friday, March 10th at 12:00 Noon in the Cuddlefish Theatre

Tired of those same old creepers creepin? Think your spruce needs sprucing? Learn how to brush up those blocks in this art-centric talk about creating your own textures for Minecraft. The panel will be chock-full of art direction advice about how to generate ideas, create a cohesive look, and implement your designs into the game's structure. Not just a talk for the Minecraft enthusiast, there will also be plenty of tips and tricks that apply to game art creation for any project!

The Trenches: War Stories of Game Testing

  • Harmonix Panelist: Renzo Heredia, Audio QA Tester
  • Friday, March 10th at 4:30 pm in the Bumblebee Theatre

Designers design, programmers program, artists create art, QA Testers… Play the game and get paid for it? Not really. Learn from Quality Assurance professionals from six different studios what the job of being in QA really means, how it benefits a team and your favorite titles, and how it may even be a career worth investing in!

It Feels So Good: The Ergonomics of Virtual Reality Games

  • Harmonix Panelists: Kevin Cavanaugh, Software Engineer, and Jeff Hesser, Artist
  • Friday, March 10th at 9:30 pm in the Arachnid Theatre

Gaze activated UI for VR titles presents new kinds of ergonomic challenges. Does it hurt your neck to look that high? How can we minimize muscle fatigue? At Harmonix, we've discovered interesting solutions to these problems through the development of the GearVR karaoke game, SingSpace. This panel will address these issues from perspectives of User Experience, Art, and Programming. We'll provide a look behind the curtain at how artists and engineers work together and solve new problems.

We’re stoked to get this PAX show on the road – stay tuned for even more Harmonix news around PAX, and live updates throughout the weekend!