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The New Years Eve Rivals Weekly Challenge!

Hey everyone, I'm writing this in the past! By the time you read this, our studio will already be closed, and we'll be enjoying time with our loved ones, and that pain in the butt brother nobody likes. In the spirit of ringing in the New Year, our last challenge of 2016 features a bunch of party tracks that we hope you'll enjoy playing as you count down the minutes until 2016 is behind us!

This list was a group effort, curated from people all across Harmonix. If you have a Rock Band party on New Years Eve, this'll be the perfect way to let unsuspecting party guests rack up XP for your Crew without you needing to lift a finger. Without further ado, check out the Spotify playlist below for a list of all the tracks included in In the Midnight Hour.

We'll be back in the office on Tuesday, January 3rd. See you in 2017!

Weekly Challenge Spotify Playlist