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This Weekend Only: Rock Band Rivals Free Weekend

Hey everyone,

This weekend we’re giving all Rock Band 4 players a limited time all-access pass to the Rock Band Rivals Expansion for FREE!

If you're reading this, it's already begun! You’ll get access to the full suite of features the Rivals expansion has to offer. This includes Rivals Mode, Online Quickplay, a ton of free songs, and much more!

Since there’s a lot to do in just one weekend, we put together a quick guide to get you started!

Join or Create A Crew

Crews are the cornerstone to the Rock Band Rivals experience. In Rivals Mode, you and your crew compete against other crews for fame and glory in the Rock Band community. At the end of each season, depending on where you finish, you get some amazing rewards!

The first thing you should do this weekend is hop on over to the Rivals hub (found under the Career tab) and take a look at the open crews. We’ll give you some suggestions of crews to join, and you can browse their stats and tags and see if they’re a good fit for your playstyle, or just join one at random!

If you’re feeling up to it, you can also create your own crew and invite your friends. Pro-tip: Make sure you mark it as an open crew so everyone else playing this weekend can join!

Find A Crew


So you’re in a crew now. Awesome! Hop on back to the Rivals Hub.

The Rivals Hub is your crew’s dashboard for every weekly challenge. It’ll let you know where your crew stands amongst the other crews in your tier, what the theme for the challenge is, and what songs you should play to progress your crew.

There are two distinct ways to help your crew out. Post high scores to the three Spotlight Songs of the week, or earn XP playing the songs applicable to the challenge.

Speaking of, this week’s challenge is Sampler Platter! Every song in the library is included, so there’s something for everyone this week.

Press the orange button to bring up a list of all the songs for this week’s challenge, post some Spotlight Scores, and earn XP for your crew! Each challenge starts Thursday and ends the following Tuesday, so you have plenty of time this weekend to help your crew out.

Rivals Hub

And So Much More!

Rock Band Rivals has many more features beyond Rivals mode. There’s the Rockudrama campaign mode, Online Quickplay, the Rock Band Companion App, and a whole set of missions exclusive to Rivals players.

Oh, did I mention the free songs? With Rock Band Rivals, you get access to a ton of new songs in your music library!

What are you waiting for? Rock Band Rivals is yours to play for the rest of the weekend. Come Monday, if you don’t want to leave your new crew hanging and cause them to not get promoted, you’ll want to pick up the expansion. Remember those rewards we mentioned? Yeah, you’ll miss out on those too.

Don’t miss out! Rock Band Rivals is only $29.99, and we have even more features coming in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the weekend and see you in Rivals!


Kool Terry