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Time to Get Fit with Dance Central!

It’s time to get fit in the new year with Dance Central! With more than 180 unique routines, fully customizable playlists, and an in-game calorie tracker, the Dance Central franchise has all you need to kick off your New Years' Resolution to get fit, right in your own living room! For the next two months, the blog will feature all sorts of fitness-centric content to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re aiming to lose a few pounds, increase your stamina, or just get up off your couch and boost your activity levels. Join us each week for a new Friday Fitness Challenge, fine-tuned to help you get the most out of your Dance Central play sessions. We’ll also feature weekly blogs from four Harmonix staffers who are kicking their fitness into gear with DC3. Follow their progress and join the discussion on all things fitness, from setting goals, navigating setbacks, and finding success!

We’re also offering additional experiences to help you on your quest for enhanced fitness. The Dance Central Facebook App enables you to set goals, track your progress, and Flaunt those awesome scores and photos. Don’t know how to get started with the Facebook app? Click here for instructions on how to link your Facebook account to DC3.

You can also use the Xbox SmartGlass application for Dance Central 3 to customize a workout playlist or track your progress towards your weekly goal. Click here to get started with SmartGlass! And don’t forget to join in the weekly in-game Live Challenges, in addition to the Friday Fitness Challenge! With so many ways to customize your Dance Central workout session, you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.

Follow us here in the blog through January and February for all things fitness! Share your own fitness goals and tips with us in the official forums, on the Dance Central Facebook Page, or by tweeting @Dance_Central on Twitter using the #DC3Fit hashtag!