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Tips For Using Dance Central To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Did you resolve to get in better shape this year? Why not try using Dance Central as part of your fitness program? Import your songs from the original Dance Central into Dance Central 2 and check out our massive DLC sale (through January 9) to work up a sweat with more than 100 hit tracks! Turn on Dance Central 2's Fitness Mode to count calories burned and create the ultimate playlist! Not sure how to turn on Fitness Mode? Need help creating playlists? We've got you covered.


To begin tracking how many calories you burn while playing Dance Central 2, head over to FITNESS in the Main Menu and toggle FITNESS MODE ENABLED to on (make sure the box is checked). You'll see a heart appear in the Helper Screen (box showing your movement in real time on top corners of the screen) if it's been successfully turned on. You can return to the FITNESS option in the Main Menu to review your stats!


You can choose among pre-generated fitness playlists that can be accessed from the FITNESS option in the Main Menu for the ultimate calorie burning session! Or you can create your own custom playlists with songs from Dance Central 2, purchased DLC, as well as the original Dance Central (if songs are imported). Playlists support up to 20 songs. To create a playlist, select DANCE in the Main Menu, then in the song select screen, select MAKE A PLAYLIST. Choose up to 20 tracks from the song list and then select FINISH AND PLAY to jump in! To go back and edit one of your saved custom playlists, select one of your playlists and select the EDIT option to add or remove songs.

Now that you have the tools that you need to start using Dance Central to help reach your fitness goals, check out how Harmonixers have been using the game to get in shape!


Leading up to the launch of Dance Central 2, a group of Harmonixers joined forces to participate in a Dance Central Fitness Challenge to get in better shape and improve overall health while having fun. As part of the fitness challenge the group has been separated into “Crews” for accountability and motivation. One of the guidelines of the fitness challenge is to make Dance Central or Dance Central 2 a primary source of exercise (that’s where the fun part comes in). Participants are required to weigh in every two weeks and keep journals for progress tracking.

The Fitness Challenge kicked off in October and leading the weight loss pack week after week is our very own "Jake" (@juliusblaise on Twitter) who has lost just over 10 percent body weight with a combination of diet, drumming and Dance Central! More updates are on the way as Harmonixers ramp up their fitness regimen with the start of the new year.

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