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Tooner's PAX Tale

Tooner623 is a Rock Band fan and an obviously awesome groomsman. He just got engaged himself, and is hoping Harmonix will let him borrow (or maybe just send his way) an Ion Drum Kit.

About a month ago, I found myself in the Seattle area along with several of my friends for a mutual friend's wedding. This wedding occurred during Labor Day weekend. It was then with great fortune that we found ourselves in Seattle during the same weekend as PAX. Of course, the wedding prevented us from going all weekend, but we managed to stop by on Friday.

While there, being Rock Band fans for quite some time, we determined that we'd have to stop by the Harmonix stage and check out all things Rock Band (particularly The Beatles: Rock Band). As we arrived, we noticed that shirts were being given away, and inquired with Alex (Navarro, not Rigopolous) about how to obtain said shirts. He informed us we'd have to play the game on the stage. This did not prove to be an obstacle, so we happily got on line.

While on line and watching several groups play the game while most of us argued over song choice (ultimately: "Sgt. Pepper/With a Little Help from my Friends"), the bachelor decided that he would like to play Rock Band at the bachelor party that night. We all agreed this would be a great idea, except for one problem: we had only one guitar in Seattle!

So, as a gag, when we got up to the front of the line, I related to Alex that our dear friend would be getting married and wanted to play some Rock Band, but only had one guitar. I then asked if we could possibly borrow a guitar from them for the night, and return it the next morning before the wedding.

To our utter surprise, Alex informed us that he thought that was completely possible, and he'd check into it while we were on stage. As we got off stage, he told us to find Sean, who could likely provide the desired item.

It took some time to find Sean. He'd gone and disappeared before we could get the group together, and while looking for him our lead singer (and best woman!) decided to take off to ride the mechanical bull/horse across the exhibition floor, our bassist got hungry, and I tasked myself with gathering up the band again. Eventually, we found Sean and repeated the story to him. He got a look on his face that suggested a negative response. Somewhat panicked, the aforementioned best woman and I told him we'd be willing to hand over an ID, or a phone number, or something to ensure them that we were on the level, so to speak. He shook his head and responded, "No, no. I'm just thinking of where I can get one. Hold on one second."

He then left us for a few moments, and finally returned with not just any given guitar, but actually with a Wireless Precision Bass new in box, and told us to just have it back by Sunday. Needless to say, this was significantly awesome, and though they turned down our invitations to the bachelor party and the wedding, they still helped make the events even more fun.

The happy couple

Of course, we discovered at the start of the party that we had forgotten to bring the drumsticks with us from where we picked up the we wound up using wooden spoons. Should've asked for some drumsticks too. Ironically, we never actually played "Spoonman."  That said, on that night, The D.C. Floozies, long separated by members moving across the country, reunited and played once more (and our regular bassist could not have been more happy to get her hands on that guitar).

So I just wanted to say thank you to Harmonix, and particularly to Alex and Sean who took a few fans of their work and made them into devotees. You guys rock, and this only confirmed it. Also: an apology.  We *may* have been swine flu carriers.  I've been told that Sean, at least, did not get sick, but we're sorry if anyone else did.

Interesting side note from bringing that guitar to the wedding reception: people kept asking if we were going to start playing a song.  At a certain point, it got tough to explain to some people that it lacked strings.