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Welcome, Proletariat!

Harmonix would like to welcome our new game developer roomies, the team at Proletariat, to our office! The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based independent developer moved into our office space this weekend and while it may mean longer bathroom lines, we couldn’t be happier to have the company.

Don’t know Proletariat yet? You will. This new studio is currently working on its first title, a strategy game with an undead spin, World Zombination. Their team is made up of a number of experienced developers who have previously cut their teeth at other places you might have heard of: Electronic Arts, Zynga, Turbine, Insomniac Games, and even Harmonix. If we’re lucky, we might even convince them to hop on our livestream in the near future to show us what they’ve been working on!

Okay, so what does this mean? Harmonix hasn’t bought Proletariat. Proleteriat hasn’t bought Harmonix. And we’re not working on any titles together or anything like that. All it does mean is that like-minded independent studios will be sharing an office space and maybe talking about the finale of Orphan Black with one another over the water cooler. (Note to Proletariat folks -- we don’t have an actual water cooler, so please don’t spend your first week in the office looking for one.)

Proletariat will continue to work on its first title, the wicked-cool-looking World Zombination. Harmonix will continue development on Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, Dance Central Spotlight, Amplitude, and a ton of secret projects we couldn’t possibly tell you about. Really, it’s just business and usual – hardworking developers working on making awesome games that we can’t wait for you to play.