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Welcome to Season 10 of Rivals!

Hey gang,

Rivals Season 10 is upon us. Rock Band players can track the passing of time through the seasonal framework, much as one might track time through the natural passing of the seasons. One 8-week sequence after the other – songs grouped together by their adherence to theme, connected as matter charged with electromagnetic power. Crews, linked by their skill and their passion, grinding away for glory.

Some yearn for the open waters of the ocean, the buoyancy of their craft the only thing keeping them from the deep. Me? I am drawn to the Rock and Roll muse – a desire to resist the routine of the mundane world and revel in the chaos of music. There is a force at work that is greater than any one player or any single crew. A gravitational pull that draws and holds us all to this fantasy world of music, of rhythm and action. Some things change, while others stay the same, but music and Rock Band make up my foundation.

As I ponder that attraction, my mind wanders back to the Season 10 theme and everything clicks into place. Season 10 will see our team unleash eight forces, each of which will impact the Rivals experience for one week. The pleasure is all ours.

Yours in Rock,

The Rock Band Team