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Welcome to Season 23: Getting to the Gig

Welcome to Season 23. Live music is back!

In Season 22 we got to explore the entire Rock Band catalog through the songs’ release dates and their relation to the Chinese Zodiac and you hopefully earned a rad Year of the Ox top to go along.

Next up you’ll be earning a matching set of Year of the Ox bottoms.

With live music returning, let’s celebrate with some of our favorite types of venues.

So, you want to sell out some big arenas and tour the world? Well even the biggest bands had to start out somewhere. First off, you need a band. Have any siblings that also play instruments? Many of the most famous bands started out as a few siblings jamming with each other.  After sharing a bunkbed for your whole life, a tour van across the country with your sibling should be a breeze. You could also look around your high school or university like some other notable acts did or even take an ad out in the paper like some classic pre-internet bands.

Now that you’ve formed your awesome band, it’s time to beg your drummer’s parents to let you use their basement or garage and start rehearsing your setlist. After a few weeks of practice and a brainstorming sesh to come up with your band name and coordinated outfits, you’re ready and on the hunt for your first show. But where will that lucky break come from? A battle of the bands? An open mic night? School talent show? You’ll find out this week when we kick off the first week of Season 23.

We’re excited to share a whole new season of awesome music and fun challenges with you all. Be excellent to each other.

- The Rock Band Team