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Welcome to Season 24: It's Not Rock Band, It's...

Welcome to Season 24.

In Season 23 we went on a fun journey from playing the tiniest of basement shows to playing massive arena gigs and you hopefully earned your favorite piece of the matching Year of the Ox bottoms.  

It’s time to finish the set with some rad Year of the Ox crowns.

It’s Rock Band Not… !

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that people have FEELINGS about the songs we release for Rock Band. Every once in a while, we release a song that doesn’t quite fit into someone’s definition of a “Rock Band Song” and they hit us with that infamous catch phrase – “it’s ROCK Band, not Pop Band!” All this talk about what Rock Band is and isn’t inspired us to really dig in to music theory and finally get to the bottom of what kind of Band this is once and for all.  

This season you’ll see challenges like “It’s Not Rock Band It’s Dock Band” which’ll feature ocean vibes and all of our best nautical themed tracks in the Rock Band catalog as well as “It’s Not Rock Band It’s Mach Band” featuring fast songs and songs about fast things. There are many other fantastic challenges with questionably rhyming names coming up for Rivals Season 24, so be looking out tomorrow for our first DLC announcement of the season as well as a preview of the first challenge.

Season Pass

The Season 24 Pass goes live on Thursday and is your ticket to all 22 DLC tracks released from Thursday through January 11.It includes everything released during the season as well as songs released during the break before Season 25 starts.


Thanks for another awesome year of Rock Band Rivals! Best of luck this season!

- The Rock Band Team