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Welcome To Season 29: Pet Playlists

The Rivals beat marches on, welcome to Season 29. 

Reflecting on 28 seasons of Rivals is kind of bananas - it’s been over 6 years of weekly challenges.  Rivals mode is fun for everyone, whether you are an expert player in a crew striving for bloodstone tier or a casual player in a crew just for fun.  Each week focuses on a chunk of the song library with a theme supported by 3 spotlight songs alongside a playlist of similarly themed songs.  Weekly leaderboards measure your crew’s progress with top crews getting promoted week over week.  

Each new Rivals season presents an opportunity for our team to share some information about our personalities, our musical tastes, and, now, with Season 29, our pets.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Season 29 will be a season of Rivals Pet Playlists with each week focusing on the musical stylings of our furried, feathered, and scaled best friends. You’ll notice that this season is 4 weeks instead of the usual 8. We’re working on some back end updates that necessitate a shorter season this go around. We also won’t be offering a Season Pass during this time for the same reason though we have some great DLC that will continue to be released weekly. 

Our reward for this season is the crowning piece of the Roman Robot set.  We’ve got a rad set of helmets for your character - with versions for every tier, from Bronze to Bloodstone. 

We hope you enjoy the season! Week one kicks off October 27 with a season curated by Reno the Ferret.  What kind of music does Reno like?  You’ll have to wait to find out.  We think you’ll be psyched.