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Welcome To Season 31: Take Out

Hi Gang,

We’ve just wrapped up 30 seasons of Rock Band Rivals.  In Rock Band years, Rivals is settling into middle age, thinking about a house in the suburbs with a backyard smoker and a band room in the basement.  Not to worry though, middle age is great: while there’s a significant amount of history to draw from, there’s also a significant amount of future to look forward to.  This is true for Rivals as well.  So, buckle up and let me talk about what we have planned for Seasons 31-40 (yes, we’re planning to pull Rivals well into the 40’s).

First off, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the Rivals promotion thresholds, specifically that it has gotten WAY harder to reach Diamond and Bloodstone tiers.  As a result, we’ll be adjusting the promotion thresholds for those higher Rivals tiers - for the upcoming Season 31, we’re dropping the threshold to get to Bloodstone from 90% to 85% and to Diamond from 75% to 70%. We’ll leave the other tiers alone but will definitely be watching to see how it all feels.  We may make more adjustments for Season 32 and beyond.

Second, the next ten seasons will feature a tour through some of our favorite season themes of yore, starting with the somewhat ridiculous food pairing season from Rivals Season 8.  We’ll also be assembling packages of past reward assets and giving players a new crack at them.  Our rationale here is mainly that there are a lot of new players playing rivals and we think it’s only fair to give them a chance to compete for some of the coolest, most exclusive stuff in the game.  

The rewards package that we’ve assembled for Season 31 is the full instrument set from Season 13 - including a full drum kit, bass and guitar for each tier (note that we’re keeping the vocals tee from Season 16 out of this package - that’ll remain a nice little exclusive item for the folks that earned it).  

Lastly, after taking two seasons off, we'll be bringing back the Season Pass for Season 31. Be on the lookout when it goes live with this week's DLC on Thursday.