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What’s Coming in October? Rock Band Rivals Features Revealed

Hello everyone! Today’s a big day for the Rock Band scene. We’ve got tons of information to tell you about the new Rock Band Rivals expansion that’s coming to Rock Band 4 this October. We’re introducing our major features coming with the expansion: the Rockudrama and Rivals Mode, along with some info about pre-orders.

When bands are starting out, they always wonder, “What if we get so big that they film a show about us?” Well, now’s your turn to live that dream. Introducing: Rockudrama. It’s the first playable rock documentary, where you and your band group up, start gigging, and find your way through your very own story on a fictional show called Beneath the Tuneage. A narrator will take you through funny, triumphant, and often ridiculous experiences that help you live out your band’s rise to fame, complete with live interviews of people you’ve affected along the way. Rockudrama also brings a bunch of new venues, Rock Shop items, and gameplay challenges to the table. Check out all the action in our announcement trailer below!

Rockudrama - Only in Rock Band Rivals!

While Rockudrama brings a brand new, hilarious campaign mode to Rock Band 4, Rivals Mode is your way to start the competition. You’ll be joining a Crew with your best friends and competing against rival Crews through asynchronous online weekly challenges and leaderboards. No matter what feature you’re playing (Quickplay, Rockudrama, or Shows), you’ll be contributing to your Crew’s progress. If you’re one of the best players around, you’ll be a highly sought-after addition to any Crew. If you tend to stick to lower difficulties, there will be ways you can contribute to your Crew’s success as well! There’s more to come about Rivals Mode next month.

Rock Band Rivals - Rivals Mode

Rock Band Rivals and Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-Ordering wouldn’t be nearly as fun without some super cool bonuses that come with it, and we’ve got tons of ‘em. Here’s the breakdown for how pre-ordering Rock Band Rivals will score you some sweet extras.

First and foremost, let’s talk pre-order songs. For pre-ordering any of the Rock Band Rivals products (which we’ll go into detail about in a bit), you’ll get the following 10 bonus pre-order DLC tracks:

  • Bring Me The Horizon –“Happy Song”
  • Capital Cities –“Safe and Sound”
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry –“Save Tonight”
  • Pharrell Williams –“Happy“
  • The Neighbourhood –“Sweater Weather”
  • Of Monsters And Men –“Little Talks”
  • Semisonic –“Closing Time”
  • Sia –“Chandelier”
  • Skillet –“Feel Invincible”
  • Weezer –“King of the World”

If you plan on digitally pre-ordering Rock Band 4 and the Rock Band Rivals expansion in our game bundle, you’ll receive the ten tracks above and a delicious cheeseburger tee for extra flair on your character. If you pre-order the Rock Band Rivals expansion pack (you already own Rock Band 4), you’ll get the ten tracks above and some sweet new Rock Shop items: the previously mentioned cheeseburger tee and epic golden sword guitar.

Rock Band Rivals - Digital Pre-Order Bonuses

Hardware bundles are also available for folks looking to pick up some new axes and gear. This year, PDP is making a brand new, foldable Fender® Jaguar™ guitar controller for Rock Band; its sleek new design is great for rockers interested in getting the latest and greatest in peripheral gaming. It’s also Rock Band’s first folding guitar peripheral, so you can fold up the Jag when the show is down the road.

Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller Fold

The Rock Band Rivals Band Kit for Xbox One or PlayStation®4 is available for $199.99 USD, and includes a copy of Rock Band 4, a code for the Rock Band Rivals expansion, one ultra-marine blue Fender Jaguar guitar controller, a Rock Band 4 drum kit, and a Rock Band wired microphone. The Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle will be available for $89.99 USD, and includes a copy of Rock Band 4, a code for the Rock Band Rivals expansion, and one ultra-marine blue Fender Jaguar guitar controller. For a limited time, the guitar bundle will include a voucher for a microphone that can be redeemed by sending the voucher through the mail. Pre-order now while supplies last!

Rock Band Rivals - Hardware Bundles Available

Pre-orders for all hardware bundles will include the 10 bonus DLC tracks listed above. Pre-order the Fender Jaguar guitar bundle from GameStop and get an exclusive, smooth Charcoal gray Fender Jaguar guitar controller. Pre-order any of these hardware bundles on and receive two additional bonus tracks:

  • Maroon 5 –“One More Night”
  • Matchbox Twenty –“3 AM”

Rock Band Rivals - Physical Pre-Order Bonus

Want to check out Rockudrama live TODAY? You can! Tune in to our Twitch channel at 4pm ET today for a full demo of the first show of Rockudrama, as well as live commentary from the Harmonix team. Join the conversation on our Forums, and keep up with the latest Rock Band Rivals news on Twitter and Facebook!