Harmonix is Joining the Epic Games Family!

Exciting news for team Harmonix today! Read more

DLC Week of 11/23: Olivia Newton-John and Sueco

It’s not Rock Band, it’s Not Band! Despite the name of the game being Rock BAND, we have quite the catalog of fantastic solo artists and one-person bands. This week’s Rivals Challenge will focus on those solo artists with talented backing bands and bands who are secretly just one massively talen... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Riddhi Padte

Hi! I am Riddhi Padte and I currently work as a User Researcher for Harmonix. I have been working here for a little over a year. At the company, I am the person the teams go to when they want something playtested. I work on all the projects that are being developed in the studio and help the team in... Read more

DLC Week of 11/18: Fuel and Interloper

It’s not Rock Band, it’s Mach Band! Do you feel the need for speed? Then this week is for you. We’re celebrating the fastest songs in the Rock Band Catalog as well as all of the songs about cars, jets, and other fast movers. From their 1998 album Sunburn, Fuel’s “Shimmer” was one of the quint... Read more

DLC Week of 11/11: Lil Nas X and Tai Verdes

It’s not Rock Band, it’s Pop Band! Whenever we release a track from a “pop” artist, people love to roast us for it. They may say “the game is called Rock Band, not Pop Band” which inspired this whole Rivals season. But we wanted to take this week to celebrate the genre and give you a chance to s... Read more

DLC Week of 11/4: American Hi-Fi and Angels & Airwaves

It’s not Rock Band, it’s Ro(k [email protected]! This week is all about songs with more than just numbers and letters including songs and artists with acronyms, songs with “(Live)” versions or “(feat. _)” other artists, and much more. This week is definitely a bit weird, but it has a rad setlist. The earl... Read more

DLC Week of 10/28: Jonathan Coulton and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s not Rock Band, it’s Rock BOOnd! This week we’re exploring the spooky side of Rock Band. Songs about ghosts, goblins, ghouls and vague “we need to talk” text messages (okay maybe not that last one as terrifying as it is). As you would expect, this week has a good bit of metal but also some po... Read more

Welcome to Season 24: It's Not Rock Band, It's...

Welcome to Season 24. In Season 23 we went on a fun journey from playing the tiniest of basement shows to playing massive arena gigs and you hopefully earned your favorite piece of the matching Year of the Ox bottoms.   It’s time to finish the set with some rad Year of the Ox crowns. It... Read more

DLC Week of 10/21: Alestorm and HourCast

Third Break Week From the world’s premiere pirate-themed metal band Alestorm, “Back Through Time” is the first track from their 2011 album of the same name. “Back Through Time” features incredibly fast drum and guitar riffs including a shred-filled solo, and lyrics about time-traveling battles be... Read more

Tony Astone Employee Spotlight

As you can tell by his employee spotlight, he’s an incredibly creative and unique character who works on the publishing team. Can you tell who the real Tony Astone is from these responses? Read more