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Author: John Drake

Why Harmonix Brought Amplitude to Kickstarter

blockquote{margin-top:2.08%;} A bunch of you have been asking questions along the lines of, “Hey, why does Harmonix need to do a Kickstarter? Isn’t Harmonix rich from all of that *Rock Band* / *Dance Central* money? Can’t you fund this yourselves?” The short answer is: nope How do you fund a ... Read more

Why We Rocked: Harmonix Showcase at PAX East 2010 For A Cause

Ive been fortunate enough to attend every PAX at which Rock Band has been present. Explaining the joyful insanity that is PAX to someone who hasnt attended is a challenge, but explaining the LUNACY that is the musical presence at this gaming convention is near impossible. Every year in Seattle, I w... Read more

Harmonix on the Road at QVC

The Harmonix team took The Beatles: Rock Band to QVC's studios in West Chester, PA to do three LIVE shows demoing the game. We got very little sleep. Read more