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John Drake

John was at Harmonix between 2007 and 2014. In seven short years, he launched over 50 software SKUs, over 25 hardware SKUs, and over 4,000 pieces of downloadable content. John managed the Harmonix crew that handled websites, social media accounts, press and public relations, events and trade show demos, and all HMX-created media, including silly videos that were made from time to time. He also oversaw Harmonix's initial Mobile Development efforts, leading to the release of 2014's Record Run.

John was the co-creator and host of The Harmonix Show, a weekly livestream that continues on at Mondays at 5pm Eastern.

In the rare moments when he's not on the internet, John spends his time flying around the world, appearing on behalf of all Harmonix games. He is also the drummer for The Main Drag, a lover of pizza and Diet Coke, and a TV-loving insomniac.

@JohnTDrake on Twitter