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Everything You Need To Know About Previous Game Soundtracks in Rock Band 4

We're hard at work trying to make Rock Band 3 exportable into Rock Band 4 and are shooting to have that available with the December 8th feature update. As a corollary, we are rapidly approaching the expiration of our ability to sell Rock Band 3. This means that you have until October 30th to buy Rock Band 3 from the Xbox Live® Marketplace or until traditional retailers run out of stock! Read more

More Aerosmith Music comes to Rock Band 4!

We're back again with this week's Rock Band 4 DLC, featuring Aerosmith! Both the DLC pack and singles are available for purchase in the Rock Band Music Store today. Check out more info below! Read more

Rock Band 4 - Interim Patch Incoming!

Players have had a lot of great comments on what they like and have been very helpful in pointing out bugs and suggesting features they think are important for us to add in a title update. It has been amazing to see the passion in the Rock Band community and we want to thank you for telling us what you think. It’s our intention to tailor the RB4 experience to the playing audience. To that end, we’ll be releasing a title update targeted for the last week of October (pending testing and platform certification), in addition to the already announced feature update coming December 8th. This interim update will address a handful of issues first reported by our early adopters. Read more

Rock Band 4's Setlist: Explore Harmonix Bands

The on-disc soundtrack is the backbone of Rock Band 4, so the music selection is super serious business. Whether they’re rock classics people love, party bangers that’ll get the room moving, or musical discoveries that will become new favorites, we’re always looking to build that “perfect mix tape.” Read more

Big news: Rock Band Weekly DLC is BACK!

Hey gang! The time has come for weekly Rock Band DLC to return!! Today, we're announcing tracks from Alabama Shakes, Breaking Benjamin, Death From Above 1979 and The Pretty Reckless that are heading to Rock Band 4 tomorrow! Read on for more news! Read more

Rock Band 4 is here!!

Rock Band 4, the next generation of the award-winning social and interactive music gaming platform launches at retailers globally today, October 6, 2015 for Xbox One™ and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system! Available products include the Rock Band 4 video game, stand-alone software, Band-in-a-Box™ Bundle and Wireless Fender™ Stratocaster™ Guitar Bundle. Read on for more info! Read more

Rock Band 4: Calibration How To

Calibrate your system to ensure the best Rock Band experience possible. Here's how: Read more

Rock Band Legacy DLC Updated For Rock Band 4, Now Available For Download

Hey gang! We know you're gearing up for the launch of Rock Band 4 (October 6th is right around the corner!!) and we wanted to let you in on a little of today, you will be able to re-download your previously purchased Rock Band DLC on Xbox One and PlayStation®4! Keep in mind that this is only for those who are eager to re-download their content on to their next-gen consoles prior to launch. You DO NOT have to re-download at this time; your DLC entitlements will be available after launch. And as a reminder, you will only be able to re-download DLC for free within each console family (i.e. Xbox 360 to Xbox One; PlayStation®3 to PlayStation®4). Here's some important information you need to know about downloading your DLC entitlements. Read more

U2 Songs To Make Rhythm Action Video Game Debut in Rock Band 4!

Hey gang, We are unbelievably excited to share the following news, so without further delay... --- “Cedarwood Road” and “I Will Follow” playable in the upcoming award-winning music game Boston, Mass. – September 28th, 2015 – Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. (“Harmonix”) and Mad Catz Interac... Read more

Harmonix Announces Details of First Major Rock Band 4 Feature Update Coming For Free This Holiday

We are so excited to share the details of Rock Band 4's first feature update with you! Read on for all the details. Read more