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Rock Band: The Reason I Learned to Love Music

After the last week of new weekly Rock Band DLC, we asked fans to send us their stories about Rock Band to share with the community. This story is from forum member LiveHomeVideo. There was a time in my adolescence where if you were to ask me my favorite Queen song I’d look you squar... Read more

A Reverie on Rock Band

After the last week of new weekly Rock Band DLC, we asked fans to send us their stories about Rock Band to share with the community. This story is from our friend Tommy Wall, creator of the amazing Rock Band fansite If you have a story you’d like to have featured in the Blog, post... Read more

There Goes My Hero: My Brother the Rock Band Superfan

Rob is a superfan we met at PAX this year that has been kind enough to write great Rock Band Blitz Power-up profiles for us for a few weeks. He shared this personal story with us, and we thought the Rock Band community would appreciate it. My twin brother is a tough guy. If it wasn’t for the spot... Read more

Dinosaurs, Wisdom Teeth, Weddings, and More: Harmonix Remembers Five Years of Rock Band

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the release of the very first Rock Band! To commemorate the occasion, we've compiled a bunch of stories from Harmonix developers about the production of Rock Band and how Rock Band has affected them. Read on! Rock Band, Pre-No-Fail Mode by Fish McGill, Gra... Read more

The Beatles: Rock Band Third Anniversary

Three years ago today, Harmonix released a videogame dedicated to the work of one of the greatest rock and roll groups of all time, The Beatles. The New York Times called it "the most important video game yet made". Fans around the world were able to immerse themselves in the music of The Beatles in... Read more

Tim Converse: 100% Committed to Rock Band

Interview with Tim Converse (Xbox Gamertag/Rock Band forum name "Hitoshura") Hitoshura has become famous in the Rock Band community for being the first person to achieve every goal in Rock Band 3. This required literally hundreds of hours of gameplay across all the instruments (standard and Pro) as... Read more

The Glowing Stars: Professional Music, Game Controller

Photo credit: Riki FeldmannMatt Payne of The Glowing Stars uses a Rock Band 3 keyboard controller on stage in his band. Below, he tells us all about it and then talks to HMX Alum Sean Baptiste about the band and their history. Matt Payne breaks down how he started using a Rock Band keytar in The ... Read more

My First PAX: PAX East 2012

I've been waiting three years to write a My First PAX article. I've edited articles from Thrasher and thebeststeph and others, and always thought PAX sounded like the most fun event to go to. Watch people play Rock Band all day? That sounds awesome. Even though I knew people came home exhausted and ... Read more

The History of Maximum Donordrive, A Rock Band Party with a Purpose

Austin Lindstrom played bass guitar for Motion City Soundtrack, 1999 - 2002. He is the founder and organizer of the Maximum Donordrive, a charity music games party. The Rock Band band above is Maximum Bonerdrive - Austin, Eric, Jordana, & Dr. H. Austin notes that Dr. H has over 2,500 Rock Band DLC t... Read more

Rock Band Instrument Prototypes & Insider Stories

Here's another video in honor of Rock Band's 4th anniversary. In this one, we give you an inside look into what was involved in the mammoth task of building all of the hardware for Rock Band. Lots of great info here, some of it never heard before. Four years ago on November 20, 2007 Harmoni... Read more