Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - José Navedo

Rock Band has, over the past decade, utterly changed how I approach practicing and learning new musical instruments, concepts, etc., and it has had a profoundly deep impact on my life. The opportunity to work on the authoring and quality of DLC in the Rock Band 4 era has been a joy, and the idea that people have had the ability to learn more about songs and musicality through this game that I am now working on is inspiring. Read more

Rock Band VR's Second Setlist Reveal, Campaign Details

You may have seen us recently announce the first groups of songs coming with Rock Band VR. 60 songs are headed to the Oculus Rift title, and we’re here to announce the next installment of tunes! Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Sheila Porter

Let me tell you the story of what is probably the most hilarious and mind-boggling thing that’s happened in my career (so far). It started as a quick stopgap because my coworkers were busy, and ended with my name in both the Rock Shop and in the “Art” section of the credits. (I am not an artist.) This is the first time the full history of the now-infamous Rivals Star has been recorded. You are welcome. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Andy Sage

Every so often you have the good fortune of experiencing something that just…clicks. It reaches out to you like a freshly-baked pie to a cartoon hobo, and you make it part of who you are. In 2002, I was staying over at a friend’s house and a package arrived from eBay. It was a dance game for the original PlayStation®. You know where this is going, though; a short “One Month Later” interstitial later, I knew that you should play on the right side of the game, because the left side’s up arrow was no good. That was one of the biggest “clicks” of my life, up there with meeting my wife, who will be absolutely thrilled at that particular comparison. Most nerds have an area of expertise and I had found mine in music games. Read more

DLC Week of 3/07: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton and Paramore!

This week in Rock Band, we’re bringing you MORE content just in time for spring break. A song from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton and a Rewind track from Paramore will make sure you’ve got something fun to do with all your free time this week. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Chris Foster

To me, The Beatles: Rock Band isn't “just” a game. In providing a window into The Beatles’ music, it was able to reflect a bit of that greater light; and in doing so created something artistic, beautiful and moving. I am so proud of my time working for The Beatles. I can never thank Dan enough for talking me into it. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Ethan Yetton

Hi there. I’m Ethan, part of the IT team here at Harmonix. More specifically, I’m sort of the hands-on hardware guy. We have smarter folks who do things like Systems Administration, license maintenance, networking, and software provisioning. What I do is basically figure out ways to make our computers and consoles work, oftentimes when they really don’t want to and sometimes when they probably shouldn’t. None of that stuff is terribly interesting to read about. The other part of my job, though, is a bit more exciting. Namely, over the past couple of years I’ve gotten to travel around the country with Harmonix, helping to set up the tech at shows like E3 and PAX. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Dan Bruno

When I started working at Harmonix nine years ago, the idea that I would one day help steer this franchise seemed as unimaginable as the idea that I might make video games at all back when I was in fifth grade. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - Nate Stoddard

Rock Band occupies an odd place in the software/hardware and consumer electronics/gaming industries. On one hand, we’re making toys. On the other, we’re making sophisticated instrument controllers that needed to be precise when used with the game. Making the game obviously requires many different disciplines to get right. Not just the game itself, but everything about the experience had so many people working and contributing to it. Getting the opportunity to build controllers for Rock Band gave me a new appreciation for how much goes into everything that we use, see, or consume in our everyday lives. Read more

Rock Band 10th Anniversary Blogs - James Fleming

Affectionately Titled: Rock Band Calibration, a Love/Hate Story. Read more