Tone Lōc DLC comes to Dance Central Spotlight today!

Tone Lōc's hit single from 1988, "Wild Thing", is now available today for Dance Central Spotlight! Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 144 - Come Playtest at Harmonix!

On the latest podcast we talk with the “Harmonix Playtest Guy,” and pull in a few guests who have worked closely with him to talk about playtesting! What is playtest? Why is it important? How does playtesting make games better? All important questions that we answer IN THIS SHOW. Give it a listen an... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Eric Pope

You guys know Eric Pope. He's on the livestream, the podcast, at events, judging Rock Band Nights at Improv Boston, and ALL OVER Twitter. But do you really know Eric Pope? Read on to learn more about the man behind the chops. Read more

A Reflection on Harmonix’s Guitar Hero Days from Rock Band 4’s Product Manager

For years, people have written about the Activision/MTV Games feud, the battle for music game dominance between Guitar Hero and Rock Band. A lot of people have STRONG opinions about which franchise is better or which guitar has the better strum bar, with a somewhat polarizing perspective that, as a passionate gamer, you are obligated to pick a side. That’s difficult for me. Read more

"Super Freak" by Rick James joins the party scene as DLC for Dance Central Spotlight

It's the right time to get wild - "Super Freak" by Rick James is available now as this week's DLC! Read more

Flagship Computer Clubhouse's STE[A]M Punks Group Visits Harmonix

On Saturday, April 4th, Harmonix hosted a group of kids from the Flagship Computer Clubhouse for a day of game design with Harmonix Designer Alli Thresher. Read more

Behind the Art of Romance Central

We got a chance to chat with amazing artist Nokomento about her art and her involvement in the making of Romance Central. This die-hard Bodie fan tells us all about her creative process and her history with the Dance Central series! Read more

Dance Central Spotlight DLC This Week - "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul

Caught in a hit and run? Do you really want to dance forever? No problem! Read more

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 143 - Harmonix Game Jammy Jam

In the latest episode of the Harmonix podcast, we talk about game development, game jams, making games, making jam, and more! This podcast includes pro tips for aspiring game developers from Harmonix design guru, Chris Foster. Don’t miss it! Read more

The Making of Romance Central

Back in January, Harmonix employees were split into teams to create, well, anything. This was the studio’s very first game jam. Similar to other game jams that take place all over the world, teams had two days to prototype an interactive experience based around a common theme. One team made up o... Read more