Complete Dance Central 2 Song List Revealed!

Dance Central 2 offers a killer soundtrack of 44 songs on disc, and with the ability to import songs and dances from the original Dance Central disc as well as DLC, players will have access to more than 100 of the hottest tracks when the game launches in just a few days! Now that we're inching close... Read more

Dance Central 2 Design Blog: Characters & Crews

Crews are a new addition to the Dance Central franchise. These crews are made up of new characters and familiar favorites, and it’s up to you to decide which crew you want to rep in Dance Central 2. Dance Central 2’s Crew Challenge will give you the chance to show off your dance skills to impress ea... Read more

Dance Central 2 Behind the Scenes - Venues

Take an in-depth look at the world in which Dance Central 2 takes place. Featured in this video are FIVE of the new venues you'll be seeing in the game. Harmonix's resident Goodtimesmobile, Venue Artist David Boghdan, gives you an exclusive glimpse into the art team's process of creating these local... Read more

Dance Central Fitness Challenge

Over the past few weeks, Harmonixers and community members have been sharing their Dance Central success stories on how the game has helped them in reaching their individual fitness goals. With the upcoming launch of Dance Central 2 we’ve decided to kick off a Dance Central Fitness Challenge among m... Read more

Dance Central 2 Behind The Scenes - Characters & Crews

In Dance Central 2, you'll see some of your favorite Dance Central characters return along with some new faces. This video will introduce you to each character and their respective crews, including: Hi-Def, Flash4wrd, Lu$h, Riptide, and an exclusive first-look at The Glitterati. Make sure you watch ... Read more

Dance Central 2 Pre-Order Info with Bonus!

Hey, Dance Central fans! If you pre-order Dance Central 2 at participating retailers you’ll get 400 Microsoft Points free! You can use these Points to import songs and routines from the original Dance Central disc (sold separately) into your Dance Central 2 Music Library! With songs from the origina... Read more

Dance Central Fitness Club: Fan Story Round Up

Over the past few weeks we’ve posted the Dance Central fitness success stories of Harmonixers as well as a letter from a committed fan who have reported positive physical results with regular use of the game. We asked the Dance Central community to share their stories across Facebook, Twitter, and t... Read more

Dance Central Cosplay Interview: Glitch (David Nguyen)

At this year’s PAX Prime the Harmonix Community Team received a huge surprise when Dance Central 2’s Glitch and Bodie paid us a visit at our stage! These guys took a lot of care to accurately recreate the fresh outfits donned by their respective characters in Dance Central 2 and received a warm welc... Read more

Dance Central Fitness Club Success Stories: Holly

For one Dance Central fan the game didn't just give her a hobby back; it helped her get her life back.I’ve loved performing since the age of 5. I participated in ballet, music, and theater, and suddenly that was all taken away from me. A combination of genetics and prolonged childhood trauma had ... Read more

Dance Central 2 Design Blog: Voice Commands

Designer Jim Toepel walks us through Dance Central 2’s exciting new Voice Commander. With Dance Central 2’s new Voice Commander we’re offering a fun new way to select songs from the main menu, pause your dance session if you need a quick break from the action, and run rehearsals in Break ... Read more