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Always stay classy, Team Analog

Hey everyone, it’s Josh. You know, the person on the community team that’s better than Criss. Between working on Rivals and watching the games in Rio, Harmonix has been more competitive than usual. One argument that’s stuck is the superior Analog format vs. Digital.

So, why am I telling you this? Last month, we dramatically pulled the curtain back on what’s coming in October with Rock Band Rivals. There’s more info to come soon on Rivals Mode, but as a quick refresher, it’s an asynchronous, crew-based competitive mode focused around weekly challenges. Okay, that’s a mouthful. Basically, you’ll join a Crew with up to 10 people and compete against Rival Crews in weekly challenges based around playing songs. You can contribute to these challenges across every game mode.

When the expansion comes out in October, you’ll be able to form your own crews, but in the meantime, you get to weigh in, and I want you on my side, repping #TeamAnalog.

It goes without saying that Analog is better than Digital, but you knew that already. It’s more lifelike, more real, and it shows the soul that music was always meant to have. Life’s too short to be perfectionists about everything, and some of the world’s best moments are the result of spontaneity. Think back to all the greats of music from years past. Do you think classic rock and roll was recorded digitally? Hell no.

Digital’s fine for like…showing what time it is, I guess, but they’ve way overstepped their boundaries. Stop dropping vowels when naming your products. Stop using the stupid phrase “The Internet of Things.” Stop giving every damn appliance in your kitchen wi-fi. I’m happiest sitting back in a reclining chair listening to my favorite record on vinyl (because let’s be honest, it sounds better). It’s time the balance between Analog and Digital was restored. It’s time to make America Analog again.

If you’re with me, show your undying love and passion for #TeamAnalog. If you’re inclined, here's an avatar template and headers to take your commitment a step further.

Team Analog Avatar Template

Team Analog Header

We’re going to take this fight on the road with us to Seattle for PAX West, with an awesome red/orange stage for those on Team Analog to rack up high scores and kick some Digital ass. Not going to PAX? That’s cool, you can still prove how much better Analog is via the power of the internet (which would be cooler if it wasn’t sent through 1s and 0s).

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for more info about what #TeamAnalog is doing in our fight against growing tyranny.

Stay strong, friends.