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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 136 - Where Did 2014 Go?!


Where Did 2014 Go?! | Dec. 29, 2014

With just days left in the year, a few of the chuckleheads on the Publishing team decided to put as little work as possible into the podcast by doing a Game Of The Year wrap up. Everybody else is doing it, so why shouldn't we? Tune in to find out if Aaron finally set up his Xbox One (spoilers: he didn't), if Nick gave him guff for it (spoilers: he did), and if Pope's new baby helps him beat Dark Souls 2 (spoilers: he might!). Thanks to everyone that listened to the show in 2014. We'll do better next year, we promise!

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Plate of Cookies - Aaron Trites
Grinch - Nick Chester
Snowman Granted Life - Eric Pope
Good King Wenceslas - Steve Pardo
Music Credits - "Deck the Halls" by Steve Pardo