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Author: John Drake

Why Harmonix Brought Amplitude to Kickstarter

blockquote{margin-top:2.08%;} A bunch of you have been asking questions along the lines of, “Hey, why does Harmonix need to do a Kickstarter? Isn’t Harmonix rich from all of that *Rock Band* / *Dance Central* money? Can’t you fund this yourselves?” The short answer is: nope How do you fund a ... Read more

Why We Rocked: Harmonix Showcase at PAX East 2010 For A Cause

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend every PAX at which Rock Band has been present. Explaining the joyful insanity that is PAX to someone who hasn’t attended is a challenge, but explaining the LUNACY that is the musical presence at this “gaming convention” is near impossible. Every year in Seattle,... Read more

Harmonix on the Road at QVC

The Harmonix team took The Beatles: Rock Band to QVC's studios in West Chester, PA to do three LIVE shows demoing the game. We got very little sleep. Read more